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  1. Hey Mouseketeer. The PDF export has been updated to maintain the ordering you've chosen. Hope that proves useful
  2. Thanks to everyone for giving this a whirl and letting us know what you think Hey Julie, I think you've uncovered bit of a bug there! This should work if you enter "breakfast" with the lowercase "b". This is due to the fact that "breakfast" was added as a meal time at your setting and then deleted. Unfortunately it gets a bit confused when you re-enter an existing meal name with different case sensitivity. Apologies for the odd behaviour! This will be resolved in the coming days.
  3. Parent Journal Download

    Hey nkatene, eylj.org and tapestryjournal.com both point to the same system, eylj.org is our old domain, so it doesn't really matter which one they use. Although there's no plans to remove eylj.org I recommend using tapestryjournal.com. Thank you for flagging up the reference to the old domain name in our documentation. This is on our todo list Many thanks, Dan
  4. Hey, Our 7th generation fire tablet arrived today. The Tapestry app installs fine and I didn't identify a single issue while using it. This included creating some observations with media uploads, making assessments, changing account preferences (e.g. email address, password) and a few other small things. Hope that helps, Dan
  5. Hi Sharon, You can change whether relatives can see this via the control panel. If you're logged in as a manager you can access the control panel by clicking on your name in the top-right corner. Once you're within the control panel you'll see "Settings" on the left. Click on that then click "Observations". There'll be a setting labelled "Show relatives who approved the observation". It isn't possible to configure the visibility of this label for staff. Hope that helps, Dan
  6. Paperless?

    Hey Heather, In terms of signing electronic documents, there is a service I've used in the past called DocuSign. You can get a feel for how it works on their quick-start page. Hope that helps, Dan
  7. Updated Tapestry tour video

    Hi Emma, Ah, I do apologise. I tried linking directly to the file but seems those download links are only temporary (I'm still a bit new!). You should be able to download the word document from this page. Alternatively you can reach it by navigating to Resource (up the top of this page) > Resource Library > Tapestry 2016 > Parents 2016. Hope that works, Dan
  8. Updated Tapestry tour video

    Hi Emma, I believe you're looking for this video. There's loads of useful tutorials for the new version here too. You may also find this word document useful as a print-out for relatives. Hope that helps, Dan