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Setting user permissions for children


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In this tutorial we'll look at how to set your user permissions for children, which will determine exactly what children are able to do when using our Child Login feature. To enable this feature on your account you just need to follow the instructions in this tutorial

Firstly you will need to go to the Control Panel (1), then User Permissions (2), select the Children tab (3) and click on one of the headings (4).


UP chil.png


You should then be able to see whether each option is permitted (1) or not permitted (2). To change a permission, click the 'Edit' button (3).





Here you will have the ability to set a default permission for all children (1), and you will also have the option to select individual permissions for specific children (2).




If you choose to set different permissions for some children, a list of all the children on your account will show, with the option next to each name to either follow the default permission, or to be individually permitted or not permitted to perform this action (1).

Once you are done remember to scroll down and click save (2).






You will then be taken back to the User Permissions list, where you will be able to see the default permission (1), as well as any individual children who are permitted (2) or not permitted (3) to perform this action.





I hope you found this tutorial helpful!


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