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How to purchase and set up a new Tapestry account


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Thank you for choosing to subscribe Tapestry!

We hope you find the checkout process simple and intuitive; If you are confident you can simply purchase Tapestry via https://eyfs.info/buy, but if you need assistance, we are here to help.

This tutorial will take you through the process of purchasing a new Tapestry subscription. If you want to renew an existing Tapestry subscription see this guide here.

Please note

You can only use the website to buy a single Tapestry subscription at a time. If you would like to buy multiple subscriptions at once please contact us via customer.service@eyfs.info to arrange this.

Alternatively if you already have a Tapestry subscription and want to purchase a second account or expand your existing account please contact us via customer.service@eyfs.info and we'll be pleased to help.


What you'll need to proceed

To sign up to Tapestry you'll need:

A valid email address - The email address you choose will be the address that receives your Tapestry invoices. Once the account is paid for your first Tapestry login will be registered to this email address. If you won't be personally using Tapestry you can login to change this and add new staff members.

If your employer or organisation is paying for Tapestry it's a good idea to use an official email address provided by them if you have one, rather than a personal email account. If needed, this can be changed later on.


A payment method - Tapestry is an annual subscription service and we need payment in full before starting your Tapestry subscription.

We accept online card payments, cheques or BACS transfers.

Card payments are processed instantly, but please allow up to 5 working days for a BACS or cheque payment to be processed by our team after we receive it.


LA scheme password (optional requirement) - Does your Local Authority subscribe to the Foundation Stage Forum? If so you may be due a £24.00 discount on your Tapestry subscription.

See here to find participating local authorities and claim the password. We recommend sorting this out before you purchase Tapestry because we cannot refund £24.00 if you join the scheme after purchasing Tapestry.

If your LA is not listed or you cannot or do not want to claim the discount you can ignore this requirement.


All set? Lets get started!


Step 1 - Go to https://eyfs.info/buy.html/


Step 2 - LA Scheme Password (A)

If you have one, enter your LA scheme password and click 'Check Password' (A). If you don't have a LA scheme password you can skip this step. If your password doesn't work please contact customer.service@eyfs.info for assistance.



Step 3 - Enter your setting name (B)

Type your setting name as you would like it to appear on your invoice and within Tapestry. It can be changed later if you get it wrong or your setting rebrands!


Step 4 - Select your package size

We have 15 package sizes ranging from Tapestry: up to 6 children to Tapestry: up to 400 children. Click on the package size you would like to buy, then scroll down and select the green 'Checkout & Pay' bar.



Step 5 - Checkout

If you are a new customer without a FSF account select (A) 'Continue as New Member'. If you already have a FSF account from a Tapestry free trial, forum membership or past use of Tapestry you can enter your FSF account details (B) and click 'Sign in' to continue. 2021-03-02_10-48-12.jpg

Step 6 - Personal information

Skip to step 7 if you already have a FSF account and you are signed in.

To setup your FSF account we need to take a few personal details.

(C) Account Information - Add a Display Name, email address and a FSF forum password. Please note that the password you set won't be used for Tapestry, you create a separate Tapestry password after purchasing the account.

Important - The Display Name is visible to other forum users so consider if a personally identifiable name would be appropriate. You can always use something generic such as 'Teacher1234Example' if in doubt.

(D) Billing Information - Add your first name and last name or use

If you are subscribing on behalf of a school or organisation enter their name and address instead of your own. A phone number is not mandatory but it is useful if we need to urgently contact you. We do not pass your information to third parties or telephone you for marketing purposes.

(E) Additional Information - Complete the reCAPTCHA check to confirm you are a human user and tick the 'I agree to the terms of use *' option. You can also choose to tick the 'Send me news and updates' option, and opt out or opt in again at any time.

(F) Continue to order review - Click when you are ready to proceed.




Step 7 - Payment details

On this page you will select your payment method. Credit/Debit Card is the default but you can switch to 'Pay by Post' (G) for BACS transfer or cheque (see step 7b for details)

(H) Order Review - Review your order here to check that everything is correct and to confirm the amount that will be due on the invoice.

(I) Renewals per year - This is an estimate of the renewal cost of your subscription(s) based on our current price list. The renewal will be due 12 months after your initial payment. There is no commitment to renew the subscription and we do not save your payment details which means it cannot auto renew.

(J) Pay Now - Click after you have entered your card details and are ready. If you encounter an error with your payment please contact customer.service@eyfs.info





Once your card payment is successful you'll see the 'Completed' screen for confirmation from Tapestry and receive an email from the FSF with the same information:2021-03-26_11-05-14.jpg



Step 7b - Pay by post

If you select 'Pay by Post' the screen will change to remove the card payment fields. Once you've checked over all the details just click on 'Place Order And Pay' (K).




Step 7c - Print Invoice

After you have selected pay by post your invoice will remain pending until we receive and process your payment. You'll need to download a copy of the invoice (L) and follow the payment instructions on the invoice. You will also be sent a copy of the invoice by email.

If you decide you need to pay by card after selecting pay by post please contact us via customer.service@eyfs.info




Step 8 - Tapestry Setup Email

Once we receive and process your payment you will receive the setup link for your new Tapestry subscription.

This will normally be sent to you within a few minutes of an online card payment, and within 2-5 working days of receipt of a pay by post payment. The email is sent from noreply@tapestryjournal.com, be sure to add that to your email contacts and check your spam for this email.

The 'Click to activate Tapestry' link will last for 30 days, if you do not activate your account within this time period please contact customer.service@eyfs.info with your purchase details to be sent a new activation link.


For help with first time account setup please see this guide: Starting with Tapestry for EYFS (video)


And we're finished! Thank you for choosing Tapestry, we hope that you enjoy using the system. If you need any help feel free to contact us at any time or check out the main tutorial page (link below).

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