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How to purchase and set up a new Tapestry account

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This tutorial will take you through the process of purchasing and setting up a new Tapestry account. 

Purchase Tapestry Page

The first thing you will do is select the package size you require for your setting from the purchase Tapestry page at https://eyfs.info/buy.html/.  

You will then be presented with the following form to complete:


(1) If you are an existing FSF account holder, you will be entitled to a £24.00 inc VAT member discount off your Tapestry package (as the full price of Tapestry includes the cost of a membership to the FSF). Therefore to qualify for this discount, you will need to be logged into your account before purchasing your Tapestry package. 

(2) If you fall under a Local Authority that has a scheme with us (participating LA's can be found at this link) you could be entitled to a LA discount of £24.00 inc VAT (this covers the cost of the FSF membership that is part of your Tapestry subscription). You can obtain the LA key by contacting your LA or alternatively by providing us with your Ofsted URN to gauge  your eligibility. 

(3) Here you can add your setting name e.g. Tapestry Preschool. 

(4) From here you can select the Tapestry package size you require. 

(5) The packages are based on the number of children you require the subscription for.  Note: We recommend that you take out the package size for the maximum number of children that your setting holds. You can always upgrade during the year by paying the difference in cost of the larger package, however this will not be pro-rated for the number of months left on your subscription, nor will it change the expiry date of your subscription.

The number of staff and relative profiles you can add is limitless. Once you have made your selection, the package will be highlighted in dark grey. 

(6) The larger numbers indicate the subscription cost not including VAT and the smaller numbers indicate the subscription cost including VAT. If your setting is based outside of the UK, you will be eligible for the VAT free price of the Tapestry package. This will be reflected on the checkout pages once you have entered your overseas address correctly. 

(7) Once you have made your selection, click 'Checkout & Pay'.

(8) You will then be taken to the following page where you will be given the option to log in if you are an existing member or Continue as a new member. In this tutorial we will be setting up as a New Member.


Creating your New Member Profile


(1) Firstly, you will be required to enter a display name - this is the name that will appear on the forum when you create/reply to any posts. It will also appear when and if you send in any support tickets to tapestry.support@eyfs.info. Note:  Please note that spaces are not allowed in Display Names. You can use any combination of letters, numbers, dashes, and the underscore character. It must be between 3 and 26 characters long. 

(2) Here you can enter your email address for your account. This email address will be used to initially create both your FSF membership and Tapestry subscription. You can at a later date, change this to register your membership and Tapestry to different email addresses. You will be able to manage and pay for invoices via your FSF account. 

(3) You then need to create a strong password for your account. Note: A good password consists of: 8 or more characters, Mixture of letters and numbers, Mixture of upper case and lowercase, Special characters and Non-dictionary words. 

(4) You can enter the first and last name your account should be registered under. This can be a head teacher, finance manager, or simply the name of the teacher registering the account.

(5) From here you select the country from which you are purchasing the Tapestry subscription. If you select United Kingdom, you will be charged VAT. Anyone outside the U.K. will be eligible for the VAT free price of Tapestry.

(6) You can then enter your full billing address here. We recommend you fill this in full including your post code as this will determine whether your later payment goes through successfully. Not filling in your post code may result in an error message when making a payment. 

(7) We generally do not provide phone support, however in the event that we need to contact you, providing a phone number is also useful (but not compulsory). 

(8) From here you can select your interest in Foundation Stage Education - to verify that you are a relevant party who is trying to purchase a Tapestry subscription. 

(9) From here you can go through the security check, select whether you would like to receive news and updates and agree to our terms of use

(10) You can then continue to review your order.

Payment Options

You will then be taken to the following payment page options:


(1) Review your order here to ensure you have selected the correct package size and the cost is correct. 

(2) You can then amend your billing address as required from here.

(3) You then have the option to choose payment by card or post

(4) Once you have made your selection, click 'Place Order and Pay'. 

Paying by Post/Cheque

If you select 'Pay by Post', then you will be presented with the following page. This does not create an account for you, however will produce a pending invoice that you can pay by cheque. Towards the bottom of the screen you will find your invoice/order number which you should note down if you need to chase/refer to the payment.

You will also be able to save/print a copy of your invoice by clicking on 'Print Invoice'. This will open up your invoice in a new tab on your browser from which you can save and/or print it as required. 

All the details about how to make payment by cheque/post can be found on this screen. You will also be sent an email from customer.service@eyfs.info titled 'Payment Pending for Tapestry: XX Children' with the same details for your reference. You will receive no further correspondence from us after this stage.

Your FSF and Tapestry accounts will be created upon receipt of the cheque as soon as we mark the invoice as paid. 



Paying by Card 

When you proceed to make payment by card, you may be presented with the following Error Message: 5080. It is often the case that the billing address is incomplete/is missing your post code which is why you have not been taken to the next screen to make payment. In this case, simply navigate back to the previous page and amend your address accordingly. 


Making Payment

If your billing address is complete, you will then be taken to the following payment page:


(1) From here you can select your payment card: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and Maestro. 


(2) You will then be prompted to enter your card details as above: Name, Card Number, Expiry date and CVC number. 

(3) Once complete, click on 'Confirm card details'


(4) On this page you can review your entire order including the subscription size, payment details and billing and shipping address. 

(5) Then to make your payment, click 'Pay £XX.XX now'

Once payment has been made you will receive the following email from customer.service@eyfs.info, titled 'Tapestry:XX Children' (depending on the package size you have purchased). If you click on 'view order' you will be directed to your billing and purchases page on the FSF and you will need to log in/be logged into your FSF account to view this page. 


Your FSF & Tapestry account creation

You will also receive a second email from noreply@tapestryjournal.com, titled 'Create your Tapestry login' and will appear as follows:


(1) You can start by activating your Tapestry account by clicking on this link to create your own password and PIN to log into your account. Once you have then logged in with your email address and password you will be taken through some introductory set up screens where you will be able to enter your manager's name, your setting's time zone, set up your assessment periods to match your term dates and enable the assessment frameworks on you want to use on your account. 

(2) Guidance on creating a secure password can be found by clicking on this link

(3) If the link is not working for any reason and you're facing difficulty setting up your account, you can email us at customer.service@eyfs.info

(4) FSF - The Foundation Stage Forum: This section will explain a little more about the FSF and your membership. 

(5) You can watch the introduction to Tapestry video at this link

(6) You can find several more tutorials about getting started with Tapestry at this link

(7) You can find more parent/staff/documentation resources at this link

(8) The unsubscribe links in our emails are designed for situations where the incorrect person has been set up with a Tapestry account and shouldn't be receiving our emails. If you click on one of these links you will be then taken to a page asking whether or not you recognise Tapestry, if you select no your email will be unsubscribed and your account will made inactive, meaning you are no longer able to login. If someone on your account does unsubscribe by accident, you can follow this tutorial to resubscribe them. 

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