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How to set up fingerprint unlocking on the new Android app


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If you have a device that has fingerprint scanning available on it, then you have the option on the new Android app to set up fingerprint unlocking for the main login page and the PIN login page. This will allow you to use your fingerprint to login, rather than your email and password or 4-digit PIN. You will need to have fingerprint scanning set up on your device to use this feature, if you're not sure how to do this, you will need to contact your device manufacturer. 

If you don't have the beta version of the Android app yet, this tutorial will explain how to download and it will also give you a walk-through of how to use the new app.

Please note that when you set up fingerprint unlocking for the main login page, you must enter your email/password for Tapestry to link this to your fingerprint, which means Tapestry can only save one password per device. Consequently, only one user can have this feature set up on a single device. We therefore suggest only enabling this if you don't share your device with anyone else. If a user has multiple accounts and for each account their password is different, they will only be able to use fingerprint unlocking for one account. If they have the same password for all accounts and have fingerprint unlocking enabled on all of them, they will be able to login to all accounts using their fingerprint.

There is no limit to the number of users who have fingerprint unlocking set up for the PIN lock screen, where you can login using your 4-digit PIN to an account that has already been logged in to by a user from the main login page. 


To enable fingerprint unlocking on your device you will need to login and tap the 'You' button in the bottom right-hand corner.




On the next screen you will either need to select the 'Allow PIN unlocking with fingerprint' or 'Allow login with fingerprint' button, depending on what option you want to enable. I'll talk you through both in this tutorial, starting with PIN unlocking. 




Allow PIN unlocking with your fingerprint

Once you select this option you will then be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN and after you do this, you will prompted to re-enter it. 




After re-entering your PIN, you will then receive a pop-up message asking you if you're sure you want to continue. If you do, you just need to click 'Yes'. 




After confirming this your account will now be set up for PIN unlocking and you will get another pop-up confirming this. To move on from this page you just need to click 'Ok'. 




The next time you go back to the PIN login page (this is what you are presented with after your app times out or you select the 'Lock Screen' option from the 'You' page) you will be given the option to use your device's fingerprint scanner to login. 




Allow logging in with your fingerprint

Selecting the option 'Allow login with fingerprint' from the 'You' page will take you to the below screen where you will need to enter your email address (1) and password (2) in order to enable this. You can use the eye icon in the password field to see your password to ensure you have entered it correctly (3).

Once you've entered these details you just need to press 'Save' (4). 




After you press save, you will then be presented with a pop-up box where you will be asked to confirm this. If you want to proceed you just need to click 'Yes'. 




Once you've done that, you'll then receive another message confirming that this change has been made. To exit this, you just need to click 'Ok'. 




This means the next time you are on the main app login screen, as opposed to the PIN login one, you will be given the option to use your device's fingerprint scanner to login. 




If you ever want to disable either/both of these options you just need to go back to the 'You' page and select the relevant option from the list. 







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