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Adding Care Diary comments on the Android app


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This tutorial will take you through how to use the Comments Tool available in the Care Diary on the Android app.

To add comments to the Care Diary using the web browser version of Tapestry please see this guide here


Adding a comment

Comments are messages you can send to relatives through the Care Diary on Tapestry, intended for communicating with the relatives of a single child at a time, rather than something you can send to the parents of a whole group or a class.

If relatives have access to the Care Diary they can view your Care Diary comments and add their own comments. These comments are attached to a particular day's Care Diary entry for that child.

To add a Care Diary comment through the Android app, login to the Tapestry app and open the Care Diary section:




On the next screen you'll see the date currently selected for your entry, which will usually default to the current date (1), though you can change this to a previous date if you want to comment on a past day's entry.

Scroll through the list, filter or search to locate the child you want to add the comment to and tap on the 'Comments' button adjacent to their record (2).




Type your comment into the comments box (1) and tap the paper aeroplane icon (2) to send it.
You can also change the date you are viewing entries for by taping the left and right chevrons (3):




Once you've added the comment you can tap on the comment to see the option to Like, Reply or Delete the comment.





Replying to a comment

Replies to existing comments will show as dark purple in colour instead of blue, and the 'tail' of the speech bubble will be pointing to the right instead of to the left.

In the below example a relative user called 'Aunt Lady' has replied to the staff member's comment (1), and also added a comment independently of other comments (2).






















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