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This tutorial will take you through how to use the Comments Tool available in the Care Diary. 

After you have enabled the Care Diary via your Control Panel, this tutorial talks you through how to do this, you can use this tool to communicate with relatives. It will allow you to send messages to them and for them to send messages to you.  

Please note that the Care Diary is currently only available on the browser version of Tapestry and not the app. We do have plans to add the Care Diary to the app, but in the mean time if you want to use the Care Diary on a tablet/phone device, you'll need to do this through a browser on there.

To skip to a particular section of this tutorial, please use the links below.

  1. Adding a comment
  2. Relative view of the Comments tool
  3. Staff view of the Comments tool
  4. Deleted Comments and Likes

We'll start by looking at how you can add a comment using the Care Diary Comments tool


Adding a comment

It's only possible to send individual comments to relatives using the Comments tool on the Care Diary This is a function on the care diary that cannot be done in bulk. 

To send a comment to relatives on Tapestry you will need to go to the 'Care Diary' tab at the top of the page (1), then find the child of the relatives you want to send the message to and click on the speech bubble icon in their profile card (2).





On the next screen you type your message in the 'Comments' field (1). If you click on the down arrow for the 'Entries' section, this will bring up all of the other Care Diary entries that have been added for this child on this day (2). Once you have written your message you just need to click on the paper air plane icon to send the message (3). 





 Once it has been sent, your screen will appear as below where you will be able to reply to your own comment, like or delete it as required.





Relative view of the Comments tool

If you have it set up so relatives can receive notifications on Tapestry, this tutorial will help you check this, after you send them a comment and they login, they will be able to see a notification for this from the bell icon at the top of the page. They may also receive an email notification but this will depend on their individual notification settings. 




After clicking on the notification, they will be taken into the Care Diary where they will be able to see the message you have sent. Underneath the name of the author of the message they can like the message as well as reply directly to it (1). Once they click on the 'Reply' button this will present the relative with a new field where they can enter their reply (2). Once they've written their reply they can click on the paper air plane icon to send it (3). 

If they use the 'Comment' field (4) this will start a new comment thread. 






If the relative logs into their account and would like to send a direct message/comment to the setting (instead of replying to a comment that has been sent to them as above), they will see the screen below.

relative view of no comms.jpg


Staff view of the Comments tool

After a relative has sent a comment from their account, when a staff member accesses the Care Diary they will see the speech bubble icon for that child showing them there is a new message. 





Clicking on this icon will take you back into the comments section where you can see the new message from the relative (1) and allow you to reply to it (2). 




Deleted Comments and Likes

As well as the option to reply to a comment, you also have the options to like a comment or delete it (1). 

If a comment has been liked, the wording will change from 'Like' to 'Liked' (2) and if you hover over the thumbs up icon, you will be able to see who liked the comment.

If a comment has been deleted, it will be replaced with the text [Comment Deleted] (3).

Please note only staff can delete comments made by themselves and relatives. Relatives can only delete their own comments. 




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