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Comments Tool in Care Diary

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This tutorial will take you through the steps of using the new 'Comments Tool' between staff and relatives available via the Care Diary. 

After you have enabled the Care Diary via your Control Panel you can use the care diary to communicate with relatives and so relatives can communicate with you. 

Enabling Notifications for Care Diary

Before using the comments tool, you will need to enable notifications for the Care Diary via your Control Panel.

getting to notifications.jpg

(1) Click on your username and select Control Panel.

(2) Click on the 'Settings' tab.

(3) Click on the 'Notifications' tab and you will then see the screen below:

relative CD notification setting.jpg

(1) Scroll down the Notifications page to where it says 'Relatives'. 

(2) There are three notification options for Care Diary; Care diary attention requested, Accident entry attention requested and Care diary comment added. You can enable notifications for each of these actions as either Internal, Immediate Email or Daily Email as required. 

(3) Then click 'Save' to update your notification preferences. 

Adding Comments via the Care Diary 

You can send individual comments to relatives linked to their children's profiles via the care diary. This is a function on the care diary that cannot be done in bulk. 


(1) Click on the comment icon comm icon.jpg to begin sending a comment. 


(2) Here you will be able to see any entries you have added so far for the child. 

(3) You can then type a comment for the relative in this field. 

(4) You then click on the paper plane icon paper plane.jpg  to send the comment to the relative.  

(5) Once it has been sent, your screen will appear as below where you will be able to reply to your own comment, like or delete it as required.

message sent.jpg

Relative view of Comments via Care Diary

The relative/s can also view, add and reply to comments via the Care Diary. 

(1) When the relative first logs into their account, if a comment has been sent, it will show up in their notifications as below:

rel notification.jpg

After clicking on the notification, they will be presented with the following Care Diary entry:

rel comm reply.jpg

(2) The staff comment will appear here and the relative can like and/or reply to it here. 

(3) The relative can also write their own comment in this field.

(4) Once the comment has been written, the relative can click on the paper plane icon paper plane.jpg to send it.

When the comment has been sent, the screen will appear for the relative as below:

rel comm finish.jpg

If the relative logs into their account and would like to send a direct message/comment to the setting (instead of replying to a comment that has been sent to them as above), they will see the screen below:
relative view of no comms.jpg

Staff view of Comments via Care Diary

If a comment has been sent by a relative, when staff log into their account and access Care Diary, they will see the following screen:

staff view 1.jpg

(1) The comment icon will now have a red number above it commnumber.jpg (this number will change according to how many comments have been sent for that particular child).

Once you click on this icon, you will be able to view the screen below:


(2) You will be able to view the thread of any previous comments here. 

(3) You can then reply as required and send the comment in the same manner by clicking on the paper plane icon paper plane.jpg.

Deleted Comments and Likes


(1) If a comment has been liked, the wording will change from 'Like' to 'Liked' and if you hover over the thumbs up icon, you will be able to see who liked the comment.

(2) If a comment has been deleted, it will be replaced with the text [Comment Deleted].

Note: Only staff can delete comments made by themselves and relatives. Relatives can only delete their own comments. 


More information about how to use the Care Diary can be found at this tutorial

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