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Invoices: Viewing an invoice


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There are two main screens you can use to view an invoice within the 'Invoices' section of the management system on Tapestry. Invoices need to be created manually here, so if you haven't done this already, this tutorial talks you through how to generate an invoice.

The first way is through the main Invoices screen which is found by selecting the "Booking" tab from the top of the page (1), then choosing "Finance" (2) from the left-hand menu and selecting "Invoices" from there (3).




By default, you will see all the invoices for current month, but you can choose to view a different month or a custom date range (1). 

You will also see all invoices for all children on your account by default. To narrow down the invoices, you see you can filter by room (2) and by invoice status (3). 

For each invoice you will be able to see the following information:

   A. The child's name.
   B. The invoice number.
   C. The period the invoice covers.
   D. The invoice total.
   E. When the invoice was generated.
   F. When the invoice is due.
   G. The payment status of the invoice (Paid/ Unpaid/Part-Paid)
   H. Sent -  or Unsent -  X
   I. Any notes for the invoice 

You can click anywhere on an invoice to view it in more detail. 




When viewing an individual invoice you can see the following information.

  1. The child's bill payer/s. This tutorial talks you through how to set up bill payers for a child.
  2. The invoice number.
  3. The name of the child.
  4. The period the invoice covers.
  5. The date the invoice was generated
  6. The date payment is due. This is based on when the invoice is generated. This tutorial explains how you can set the due dates for your invoices.
  7. The payment status of the invoice (Paid/Unpaid/Part-Paid)
  8. The status of the invoice. (Sent/Unsent)
  9. The summary section. This will show what is included in the invoice, such as regular bookings, extra bookings, extra charges, and any additional items, as well as show adjustments and refunds if they apply. This tutorial explains adjustments in more depth.
  10. The balance brought forward which comes from the child's account balance. This could be a negative or positive amount depending on payments that already have or have not been made.
  11. The total due on the invoice. This will be affected if you choose to show the balance brought forward and there is a positive or negative total to the child's account balance. 
  12. Where you can add a payment to for the invoice
  13. The history, which shows any changes made, and who generated the invoice.




All types of the same item, e.g. regular schedule bookings, are grouped together when you view an invoice but you can expand the grouping to see all the individual items. To do this click on the "Expand All" button. 




You can now see a full itemised list of all the individual items. Click on the "Collapse all" button to hide these again.




When viewing an invoice you can also download a PDF of it (1). 

If you click on the cog icon you will see a list of possible actions (2). These will be different depending on the current status of the invoice. In the screenshot below you can see we have the options to:

  1. Resend the invoice to a child's bill payers. This tutorial talks you through this process in more depth. 
  2. Mark it as unsent which is an option that will appear when the invoice has already been sent. For how to send invoices, look at this tutorial.
  3. Add a payment to the invoice 
  4. Add internal notes, which I'll cover just below in this tutorial.
  5. Cancel the invoice. This tutorial looks through cancelling invoices.




If you click the option to add internal notes it will bring up a text box where you can add notes for the invoice (1). Once you're done, press "Save Notes" (2).




Your notes will then appear on your invoice (1).

You can edit the notes at any time by clicking on the cog icon (2) then selecting "Edit Internal Notes" (3).




You can also view invoices for individual children by clicking the "Children" tab on the far left of the page (1), then selecting the name of the child (2).

This will take you to the child's page within our management system. To view their invoices, click the "Finance" tab (3).

Here you can carry out the same tasks as above, including creating a PDF, sending, cancelling and adding payments to unpaid/part-paid invoices.


image.thumb.png.c01f8e32bab22c54667c16d3ef1bca18 (1).png




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