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Invoices: Sending an Invoice


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In this tutorial we are going to look at how to send an invoice through Tapestry. 

Before we begin please note, in order to send an invoice a child needs to have bill payers set. For information on how to set a child's bill payers, please refer to this tutorial

Invoices are sent to relatives through Tapestry via email and internal notifications. The email is sent as soon as you send an invoice to a child's bill payers and is sent regardless of whether relatives are permitted to receive notifications through your Tapestry account or not.


There are two places within the Tapestry Booking feature where you can send invoices: from the individual child's 'Invoices' tab and from the main 'Invoices' page. You can use the below links if you want to skip to a specific section:

1) From the individual child's 'Invoices' tab

2) From the main 'Invoices' page

I'll start by going through how to do this from a child's Invoices page. 


Sending an invoice through the child's page

First click Booking on the top task bar (1) and select 'Children' from the left-hand menu (2). Then click on the child you want to send the invoice for (3) and navigate to their 'Finance' tab (4). To just view the child's invoices, click the 'Invoices' tab (5).





Here you will see all the invoices for this child. If you have no invoices, you can create one by clicking the '+ New' button (1).

If there is an invoice on the list, you can send it - among other actions - by clicking the cog menu (2) and then selecting 'Send Invoice' (3).





You'll now see confirmation that the invoice has been sent (1) and the status of your invoice will have changed to 'Sent' (2). As mentioned at the start, this invoice will be sent to the child's bill payer/s via email. 




Sending an invoice through the main Invoices page

To get to the main invoices page click 'Booking' from the top task bar (1), select the 'Finance' tab from the left-hand menu (2) and then 'Invoices' (3).





This page shows you all the invoices for all the children on your account. 

Similarly to the previous method, to send an invoice just click the cog menu next to the invoice you wish to send (1) and click "Send Invoice (2). 



image.thumb.png.ba9b0fbb676c866790d5c6554afb0516 (1).png


And that's how you send invoices using Tapestry. 

If you want to check whether an invoice has been sent, if you click on the invoice at the bottom you will see a 'History' section. There you will be able to see if the invoice has been sent to a bill payer (1) and the date/time this happened (2). 





If you have any questions please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info



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