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Viewing Reflections by Tag


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On Tapestry you are able to search for reflections which contain a specific tag. This means you can group reflections together to review, inform and plan a direction for your setting. You can use the tags to gather evidence for your quality improvement plan, for professional development or for staff appraisals. 

Before you get started, make sure you have enabled Reflections on your Tapestry account.  You can follow the Adding Tag Sets tutorial to select the tags you would like to use for your reflections. Your chosen tags will then appear on your 'New Reflection' page. 

To search for reflections by tag you will need to go to Reflections (1) and then select the 'Tags' tab (2). From here you can select a Tag Set (3), such as EYLF Outcomes (a Framework tag set) or Learning Environment (a General tag set). 




Once you have selected a tag set (1) you may see sub-areas for that tag set below the main tag (2). The lower levels of the tag set will only appear once you have set a higher level. 

You can use the 'Filter and Sort Reflections ' bar (3) to open a pop-up which will give you options to refine your search even more (4). 






Once you have set your filters, you'll see a list of the reflections with your chosen tags (1). The tags will be listed as part of the reflections (2) and you will also see the title of the reflection (3). 

You will be able to see if there are any children attached to each reflection (4), the author of the reflection (5) and whether the reflection is linked to any other reflections or to observations (6). 




You can export a PDF file of these reflections by selecting 'All' from the box (1), or by choosing individual reflections and ticking their boxes (2).  

A menu will then appear at the bottom right of the screen.  From here you can select ‘Export as PDF’ and click ‘Go’ (3). 




So that's how you can search and group reflections by tags! 




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