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Setting Up Reflections


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This tutorial talks you through how to enable Reflections on your Tapestry account, and some of the other linked features you can choose to have enabled as you work with Reflections. 

Reflective practice ensures educators are always learning. Tapestry Reflections allows you to gather your thoughts, information, research and observations and to record the journey you are taking with your setting, your children and their families. You can make notes, link reflections and observations together and organise your reflections with tags. 


Setting up Reflections

To enable Reflections, you will need to go to the Control Panel (1). From here select 'Settings' (2) and then 'Reflections (3).




On this page you will see the option to 'Enable Reflections' (1). Tick this box and the Reflections tab will then be available at the top left of your Tapestry screen (2). 

From this page you also can enable access to Reflections for relatives by ticking the box 'Allow relatives to access Reflections' (3). This means relatives will be able to go to Reflections on their own Tapestry account and view any reflections that have been made visible to them about their child. You can control the amount of access they have when you set your User Permissions for relatives. This tutorial explains how to set these permissions.

You may also want to think about what you would like staff to be able to do on Reflections. You can set user permissions for staff, such as enabling them to publish their own reflections or whether they can delete and restore reflections. This tutorial talks you through how to set permissions for staff. 

Make sure you save any changes using the blue 'save' button (4).

This page also provides a link to the 'Tags' (5) which you can use to mark your reflections with. Tagging allows you to search for reflections with particular subject tags. You can decide which tags you would like to have enabled from this link or by going to the Tags section on the Control Panel (6).




On the Tag Settings page you can select the tags you would like to use. Your selected 'framework' tags will then appear at the bottom of the Reflections page for you to choose from each time you make a reflection. Your selected 'general' tags will appear in a box half way down your Reflections page. You can read more about selecting your tag sets in this tutorial

You can choose to enable a set of tags, and whether or not you would like this set of tags to be visible to relatives by clicking 'Configure' (1). You can also view the tags in that set by clicking 'View Tags' (2). You can enable or disable all sets of tags by using the 'Enable all' and 'Disable all' buttons at the top right (3).



Now you have enabled Reflections on Tapestry you are ready to start recording your reflective practice! 



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