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Multiple child observations

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This tutorial describes the group observation function of Tapestry, which does the following:

  • Allows an observation to be added for more than one child (add as many children as you wish in one go)
  • Adding children to the observation by group and cohort.
  • Enables all relatives of the children tagged in the observation to view it.
  • Enables the manager to then customise (split) the observation for each child, so that it becomes an individual observation (ie EYFS assessments can be individually tailored, photographs can be cropped or removed, notes can be individualised etc)
  • Enables the manager to determine whether photographs uploaded for group observations are available to view, or not.
  • Allows the manager to decide whether parent comments should be enabled or disabled for group observations.

1) The first step is, as usual, to click the 'add observation' button

2) Next, select your first child from the drop-down list and click the 'Select Children' button:




3) Select the children you'd like to include in this Ob.

You can select children from the list of children, according to their group(s) or according to their cohort.

In order to select the children in the group or cohort, you need to click 'select all'. This will display all children in the group/cohort. You can then untick the children in the group/cohort who are not to be attached in the group observation.

You can select multiple groups and cohorts for the observation.




4) As you add children notice that the child appears above the 'select children' button as a button with a little 'x' next to it:



5) If you incorrectly add a child you can easily remove them from this list of children by clicking that 'x'.

6) Once you have added all the children you need, you can then finish the rest of the observation in the normal way. Add a title, notes, media, EYFS assessments as necessary, and then click 'save'.

7) You will find that the observation will appear only once in your overview/home screen:


8) The group of children will be listed (as shown above) but if the list is longer than three you will see the button showing how many more have been earmarked as belonging to that observation (as marked with the red arrow). If you click on this button you'll find a popup listing all of the added children:


9) From here you can move to their individual journals if you wish.

10) Although the observation is only listed once from the home screen, if you go to the individual child's journal, either as a manager or as a parent, you will find that observation listed in their personal journal.

11) At this point it is important to note that this observation is a GROUP observation. You can edit this observation, but if you edit it, any changes you make to the media, notes, EYFS assessments or other fields, will show in all versions/journals for all children who were grouped in the observation. In the next steps we'll show you how to split these observations away, so that you can make individual edits.

12) Back on the main obs tab, click the cog to the right of the multiple observation you want to split, in the usual way. One of the options in the dropdown list is 'Split Group Observation', as shown below:



13) Click this button and you'll see a pop-up box that lists all children who are part of this group observation. To the right of the names of these children is a check box:




14) Choose which children you want to split away from the group observation by putting ticks in the boxes next to their names and then press the 'split observation' button.

15) You'll find that the home page now lists observations for those children you have split away separately from the main group observation. Once you've done this you can edit the text and the assessments of the observation as though they are a normal individual observation.

16) However if you are wanting to edit photos through e.g. cropping, and only want the changes to take effect upon the split observation for one child - Bob Smith. You will need to tick the box indicated by (1) 'Edit a copy of the image'. This will ensure that changes you make to the media will only take effect for the observation for Bob Smith. You then need to click (2) and can continue to edit or save the observation.

If you do not tick 'Edit a copy of the image'. then changes you make to the media here, will also have an effect on the media in the group observation and the observations which have been split as the media is shared.




You can, however, delete media in bulk on a split observation without the media deletion taking effect upon either any observations which have been split from the original group observation or on the remaining group observation. The media would only be deleted from the particular split observation.

17) The remaining group observation will still show edits and changes universally (ie to each remaining member of the group observation). If you need to individualise this observation for any children still included, you'll need to split the observation again, as detailed from step 12 above.

Managing Multiple Child Observations

There are options for how you want the multiple observations to behave, which managers can set in the control panel.

In some Settings, parents may not be happy with their child's photograph being available to other parents, which obviously a multiple observation will allow. In this situation it is possible to 'mask' a photograph, so that the detail is not available. To do this go to your control panel > user permissions > click on the 'relatives' tab at the top of the page and in the section 'view group obs media' click on the edit button. From there you can either select the default option of not permitted for all relatives, or you can choose to apply this just for individual relatives.



When that has been selected parents will see this message on observations, rather than any media.


Please note: This feature is automatically overridden when all the children attached to a group observation are associated with the same relative(s). For example if siblings were the only children in a group observation a relative associated with both children would be able to see any pictures included, regardless of the setting being on or off.

The manager and staff can still see the photograph, and if the 'split observation' function is used, the photograph(s) will appear in the individual observation. Therefore the relatives will be able to see the photo again even if you have Tapestry set to hide group media because it is no longer a group observation.

If this is a concern, then the photo can be cropped within Tapestry or you can use a picture editing software to alter the photo accordingly.

Finally, managers may want to disable the ability for parents to comment on observations where multiple parents have access. This is easily achieved by selecting the 'Remove relatives ability to reply on observations with multiple children' in the Settings > Relatives section.


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