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Changing your theme
You can customise your Tapestry by choosing from a range of themes and font types that appear in the notes section of an observation.
To do this you will need to go to your control panel by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner, then selecting 'Control Panel' from the drop down menu.
You will then need to click on (1) Settings and then (2) 'Theme' from the drop down menu.

To change the theme you just need to select the one you would like from the drop down list in the (3) 'Select Theme' section.


You can see an example of one of our new themes below!


Changing your font

To change the font just select the one you would like to use in the (1) 'Theme Display Settings' box.

If you are using the default theme you can also choose whether you would like the (2) butterfly to appear in the top left hand corner of the control panel and if you want to turn the background pattern off (3). If you are using the countryside theme you can choose whether you would like a graphic of children playing to appear at the top of the page.

To save your changes you just need to press the (4) Submit button.




Updating your Setting name

From within the same ‘Settings’ section, select ‘Your Setting’(1), here you can enter the setting name relative's will see (2) as well as your organisation's legal name (3). As well as this you can also add information for your setting such as Ofsted URN and your address. Once you are finished on this page you just need to remember to select 'Save' at the bottom (4).


Adding a logo

Remaining in the ‘Settings’ section of your control panel, you’ll be given the option to add your setting’s personal logo. Select (1) ‘Add Photo’ which will take you to the following screen:




(2) Here you can select the image from your device.




Once you’ve selected it, this button should appear (3).




After you have uploaded the logo you can make any changes you need to, such as rotating or cropping it (4). Then when you are done just remember to press 'Save' at the bottom of the page.




Depending on the theme you’ve selected, your logo should now appear in the cloud on each page (6) as well as when you download a child's journal to a PDF.






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