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Having more than one account

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Tapestry allows users to use the same email address for several profiles as long as these are not within one same Tapestry account. For example, you can be a staff member on the Fiddlesticks Nursery account and a relative on the Sunrise Nursery account with the same email, but you can't be both a relative and a staff member on the Fiddlesticks Nursery account with the same email. As a relative, you would be able to have an account on Happy Beans Childminding and Berriedale Primary under the same email address. 

However, having more than one account linked to the same email address can sometimes lead to confusion, especially when:

- trying to log in to the app, and

- resetting your password.

In this tutorial I will explain the difficulties that having more than one account in those two circumstances can cause, and how to resolve them.


Logging in to the app:

Tapestry uses your login details as a means to find your account(s). The email address allows the system to find any profiles linked to it, and then, the password allows the differentiation of and access to such profiles.

In the browser version, when an email address is linked to more than one profile, when you type in their your details (email address and password), the system will recognise that the email address is linked to several profiles, and will give you the option to choose which account you wish to enter.

If your accounts have different passwords, you will be given the option to enter either the profile you just input the password for (1), or the other one, for which you will have to type in the corresponding password (2).



If the two accounts have the same password, the system will give the user the option to choose which account they would like to enter.



As you can see, having the same password and email address for more than one account should not give any trouble when logging in through the browser. 

However, this works differently in the app version of Tapestry. 

In this case, if you have several accounts registered under the same email and the same password, the Tapestry app will not have a tool to recognise which account you are trying to access, so it will directly access the very last account that was created under that email address.

For this reason, we always encourage and recommend you to have different passwords for each account, despite the profiles being registered under the same email address.


Resetting the password:

When you have more than one account registered under the same email address, requesting a password can sometimes be confusing. 

The most important thing to bear in mind is that, whenever a user who has more than one account registered under the same email address requests a reset password email, the system will issue one reset email for each of the accounts the email is registered for. So you will have to make sure that you are following up the reset link for the account you need to change your password for. 

But let's take a look at this process step by step.

In order to reset your password you need you click on 'having trouble logging in?' on the Tapestry log in page (www.tapestryjournal.com).


And then click on the link under 'I've forgotten my password'.


You will then have to type in the email address registered for your account (1) and press submit (2). Once the reset has been requested, the green confirmation box (3) will come up.



As I mentioned above, if you have more than one account, you will have to wait until you have received as many reset password emails as accounts you own.


By reading the emails, you will be able to determine what account they are linked to.


Once you have found the email that corresponds to the account you need to reset your password for, simply click on the 'reset your password' link and fill up the form that will come up in your screen.



In this form, you will be able to check that you are resetting the password for the correct account (1). You will then need to come up with new password (2) that fulfils the minimum requirements displayed, and a new PIN (3), which will allow you to log in much quicker when using the app. For security reasons, we also recommend that you have different PIN numbers for each account. 

By clicking on submit (4) the request will be processed and your password for the selected account will be changed. 



To sum up, we recommend that, to avoid confusion when having more than one profile registered under the same email address, you have different passwords for each account. It might be a bit of a nuisance, especially for users with over three accounts, but having different logins also works as a safeguarding measure. 


If you are still struggling with your accounts, or have any other doubts or queries about this matter, please contact our support team on customer.service@eyfs.info.


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