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How to bulk export Care Diary entries


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In this tutorial we are going to look at how to bulk export your Care Diary data. I'll go through doing this for individual children and for multiple children. 

Please note, as this is done through the 'Control Panel', only managers on Tapestry will be able to export Care Diary entries.


Let's start with individual children. Begin by heading to the Control Panel by selecting your name (1) and then 'Control Panel' (2). Next, navigate to 'Manage Children' (3).




Select which child that you would like to export Care Diary entries for (1). Click the cog icon next to their name (2) and then 'Bulk export care diary' (3). 




Start by choosing which type of entry, or entries, you would like to export (1). By default, all options will be ticked. You can untick any entry types you don't want to include but you must leave at least one selected. 

Then, choose the time frame of entries that you want to export (2). You can choose what order these are shown in with either latest or oldest showing first. 

Next, you need to select how you would like to sort the PDF export (3). This can be done by date or by entry type. 

Lastly, you'll need to decide whether you wish to include comments (4). 

If you do not wish to proceed you can choose to cancel (5) or, if you are happy, select download PDF (6). 




The PDF will be generated through your downloads. The next screen you are taken to will allow you to 'View your Downloads' (1) or, go back to the 'Manage Children' page (2). 




To proceed with accessing the PDF, head to your downloads and select, 'Download' (1). This page can also be accessed through the 'Control Panel' > 'Downloads' (2). 




A ZIP file will then be generated which you can 'Download' (1).  Once accessed (2), you can store/print the Care Diary data as needed.




To export the Care Diary for multiple children, make sure you are back on the 'Manage Children' page.

Select the boxes next to the children's names (1) or, if you want to select all children on the page, change 'Select Items' to 'All' (2). When the pop-up appears on the bottom right, choose 'Export care diary as PDF's' (3) and then click 'Go' (4). 




As before, the next page you will be taken to is where you can decide what to include in the export. At the top of the page you will see which children will be included and you can always include more by clicking 'Select Children' (1) and adding them.

When you are happy with the details included, click 'Download PDF' (2). 




Making your way back to your downloads by either selecting 'View Downloads' on the next screen or, accessing it through the Control Panel > Downloads, click 'Download (1) to create the ZIP file containing the PDF (2). 





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