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Troubleshooting for relative logging in issues


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Relatives might sometimes contact you with issues logging in. Knowing how to proceed in each case will allow you to offer them your best support, as we cannot help them directly. This is due to our contract being with you as the setting, and us only being able to look into accounts if explicitly instructed by a manager or a staff member in the setting's Tapestry account. 

The main thing to bear in mind, is that only active relatives will be able to log in to their accounts or request reset password emails. If a relative is inactive, or hasn't activated their account yet, meaning they are either activating or not activated (you can learn more about user status and how to find out each user's account status here), you will need to either reactivate them or help them with their activation first.

Relatives can encounter issues logging in for four main reasons:


A relative has forgotten their password

This is one of the most common reasons why a relative would struggle to log in, especially if they are used to logging in through the app using their PIN number.

When a relative is showing up as active in your account and has forgotten their password, the best way forward would be for them to request a reset password email by:

1. Going to https://tapestryjournal.com/
2. Clicking "Having trouble logging in?"


3. Selecting "Reset Your Password"



4. Entering the email address they use for Tapestry, and clicking "submit". Please note that they will have to type this in exactly as it was registered in Tapestry. For example, although @gmail.com and @googlemail.com are exchangeable in most cases, Tapestry will consider these to be different addresses. If they are registered under @gmail.com, they must ensure to request the reset password email for this version of their address. 




5. Checking their email (they may have to look in their spam/junk mail) - the email will be called "Tapestry Password Reset". Be advised that users with more than one account linked to their email address will receive a reset password email for every single account they have as shown below. In the subject of the email you can see the name of the setting the password reset is for. 





6. Clicking the link in the "Instructions" section of  the email



7. Filling in a new password and PIN on the form and clicking "Submit"





The system is not recognising a relative's login details

Sometimes you will hear from active relatives saying that the system is not recognising their login details and are receiving the following message:


As you can see, the system will suggest resetting their password. However, it might be worth exploring with the relative what might have caused this, especially if the account is showing up as active on your end (for not active cases please refer to the last point of this tutorial).

You can check whether a relative is active or not by going to control panel > manage relatives > and searching for them here. This is your active list, if they are not there then they are not active and you will have to find out their status as explained in the section below.

The system not recognising the login details for active accounts can happen for various reasons:

  • The user has typed the password in with some sort of error. In this case, we would recommend writing the password on a different tab, and then copying and pasting it into the password field to ensure that it has been spelled correctly. 
  • The user's device or browser has a password autofill feature in place that is filling the password field up with an invalid password. We suggest that users check this by going to their device's settings when using the app, or their browser settings when using the browser version. Each device/browser will have the password autofill setting in a different section, so users can search in Google how to disable password autofill for their devices or the browser they are using. 

Please note that after entering the login details wrong three times in a row, the system will block the user's access for 15 minutes. During this time they will not be able to log in or request a reset password email. 


The relative's account is not active

Quite often, the reason behind a relative not being able to log in is that their profile is not active! If a relative comes to you struggling to log in, and you are not sure whether their profile is active or not, you will have to check this. 

To find out a user's status you'll have to go to control panel > manage relatives:



Once in the correct section, please go to 'filter & sort relatives' (1), and then change the 'status' filter to 'all (2).




You can now search for a specific user through the search bar (1), and you will be able to see their status next to them (2):



If they are active, then please refer to the first point in this tutorial.

If they are inactive, then you can make them active by clicking on the cog by their name and then selecting 'make active'. Relatives will then be able to request a reset password email.

If they are inactive and unsubscribed, you will have to resubscribe them before reactivating their account.

All of the Tapestry notification emails have an unsubscribe button at the bottom. If by accident a relative clicks on this option, their email address will be removed from Tapestry's mailing list and their access will be denied. They will also be made inactive, so they will show up in the inactive list.


If they have unsubscribed, you can follow the instructions in this tutorial to resubscribe them and grant them access once again. 

If they are awaiting deletion, you can make them active by clicking on the cog by their name and then selecting 'make active'. Relatives will then be able to request a reset password email.

If they are activating this means that they haven't followed up the activation links that you have sent them via email.

We would recommend that you check with the relative that their email address is correct. If by any chance there was a typo, you can amend this by going to control panel > manage relatives > filter & sort relatives > changing the 'status' to 'activating' > clicking on 'edit' by their profile > making the necessary amendments > save.



You can then send them an activation email again by going to the control panel > manage relatives > filter & sort relatives > changing the 'status' to 'activating' > clicking on the cog by their profile > selecting retry activation > send activation email. 



If, however, this is correct, please simply retry their activation as per the above instructions. 

Do let the relative know that you have done this, so they can keep an eye on their spam/junk folder as we sometimes end up there. It is very important that they follow up the most recent activation email they've received, as every time a new activation email is generated the previous one becomes invalid.

If still they are still not receiving this email, you can manually activate their account by going to control panel > manage relatives > filter & sort relatives > changing the 'status' to 'activating' > clicking on the cog by their profile > selecting 'retry activation' > 'activate manually' > coming up with a random password and PIN number > 'activate account'.


They will then be able to request a reset password email directly from their device, by clicking on 'having trouble logging in?' on www.tapestryjournal.com. Again, please remind them to keep an eye on their spam/junk folder.

You can learn more about retrying a user's activation here.

If they are not activated, this means that either their activation has not been started or the activation email has expired. Relatives that have been transferred alongside their children from another setting will arrive as 'not activated' (learn how to manage these here).

You can start or retry their activation following the same steps as for the activating case, but making sure that you filter the status for not activated instead of activating when you are searching for the corresponding relative.



Relatives have more than one account and they are struggling to log in to one of them

Tapestry allows users to use the same email address for several profiles as long as these are not within one same Tapestry account.

However, having more than one account linked to the same email address can sometimes lead to confusion, especially when:

  • Trying to log in to the app
  • Resetting your password

Tapestry uses your login details as a means to find your account(s). The email address allows the system to find any profiles linked to it, and then, the password allows the differentiation of and access to such profiles.

In the browser version, when an email address is linked to more than one profile, after a user types in their details (email address and password), the system will recognise that the email address is linked to several profiles, and will give them the option to choose which account they wish to enter.

However, this works differently in the app version of Tapestry. 

In this case, if a user has several accounts registered under the same email and the same password, the Tapestry app will not have a tool to recognise which account they are trying to access, so it will directly access the very last account that was created under that email address. Note that we will soon be releasing a new iOS and Android apps that will overcome this issue (you can learn more about these here for iOs and here for Android).

If a relative has reached out to you as they are struggling to log in to one of their accounts via the app, it might be due to them having the same email and password for all of their accounts. In this case, we would recommend that they reset their password.

As we have mentioned further up in this tutorial, whenever a user who has more than one account registered under the same email address requests a reset password email, the system will issue one reset email for each of the accounts the email is registered for. So they will have to make sure that they are following up the reset link for the account they need to change their password for (please refer to the screenshots and notes in point one of this tutorial).



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