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You can use the EYLF Progress screen on Tapestry track how a child is progressing between terms. Please note, in order to view this screen, you will need to have refinements enabled on your account. This tutorial will talk you through how you can enable these. 

To access this screen, you just need to click on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the screen (1), then ensuring you are on the 'EYLF' section (2), click on the 'Individual View' button in the 'Progress' box (3).




Firstly, you will need to choose a first period (1) and second period (2), to compare the progress between. By default, your second period will be the one you are currently in and the first period will be the period before that, but you can change these from the drop-downs. 

You will then need to select a child (3) and you can also choose whether you want sub-outcomes without refinements to be included (4). 




Once you have selected the periods and a child to view, you will then see a chart appear below.

The chart is broken down by each outcome (1) and sub-outcome (2). It will show you a child's refinement for the first period (3) and their refinement for the second period (4) and the difference between these two (5). For example, if a child moves from the refinement 'sometimes' to 'usually', they have moved one refinement up, so this is +1 progress. 

Please note a child will need to have been assessed in both of the terms you have selected in order to show progress.

You'll notice in the chart that there are different colours to represent whether there is positive, no or negative change. At the top you can see a key to show you what each colour refers to (6). 

If you chose to include sub-outcomes without assessments, they will show up as yellow, meaning the child does not have an assessment in both or either term to show you progress (7). 





You can export this screen at any point as a CSV or PDF using the buttons in the top right-hand corner.





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