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Tutorials Contents Page for Relatives

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These tutorials are for people who have been set up as relatives on Tapestry accounts. Hopefully they will answer some of the questions you have about Tapestry and help you to get used to the system.

If you do need any further assistance please contact your child's setting (nursery/school/childminder). Tapestry customer services do not have access to relative accounts so any account issues will need to be dealt with through a manager for the Tapestry account where you have been set up.



  1. Introductory walk through of the browser version
  2. How to change your email address/password
  3. How to set notification preferences
  4. Why photos aren't showing up
  5. Deleting an observation or comment
  6. Viewing and commenting on a report
  7. How to download learning journals and media
  8. Login troubleshooting

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