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If you are set up with a parent/relative/carers account on Tapestry there a couple of ways your account might be activated. These are:

  1. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be provided with a password.
  2. You will be sent an activation email.
  3. You will be given an activation link.

Let's go through how to do each.


If you are given a password

You just need to go to tapestryjournal.com and enter the email you were set up with (1) and the password you are provided with (2). Do remember that passwords are case sensitive. Then click on 'Log in' (3).




If you're not able to login, please contact the setting (school, nursery, childminder etc.) that set you up with an account for assistance.

After you've logged in if you want to change your password you just need to follow this tutorial.


If you are sent an activation email

Firstly, if you are told you have been sent an activation email and you do not see it, do check your spam and junk folders as our emails can sometimes get filtered into there. If you are looking for the email, the subject line will be 'Create your Tapestry login'.

Once you've found or received the email you just need to click on the 'Create your password' link. 

If this link doesn't work it is probably because it is past the 30 day period the link is active for. If this is the case you just need to ask your child's setting to send you another one. 




Clicking on the link will take you to a page where you will need to enter and confirm a password that meets the password criteria (1) and enter and confirm a 4-digit PIN (2). When setting your password, the criteria above will turn green when met. The PIN can be used on the app version of Tapestry to quickly log back in if you've already logged in and the app times out. Once you've done this you just need select 'Submit' (3). 




On the next screen you will see a message letting you know you have successfully activated your account (1). The link in the activation email will now become invalid. You can then enter your email and password (2) and then select 'Log in' (3) to enter your account.




If you have been given an activation URL

It's also possible for you to be given an activation URL rather than an email. The URL will look something like the one below:


You just need to copy and paste that URL into your web browser of choice and then follow the same instructions for activating your account by email. Just like the link in the activation emails, this URL also only stays active for 30 days. If the link becomes invalid, you will need to contact your child's setting to help you get set up. 


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