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How to use the Cherry Garden Orchard


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If your child is being assessed against the Cherry Garden Branch Maps framework on Tapestry and you have been permitted to view the assessments, then you'll be able to access The Cherry Garden Orchard. This is a great place for you to view a graphical representation of your child's progress.

To access this you'll need to login into the browser version of Tapestry, and then head to the 'Children' tab at the top. 




Click on the name of your child that you'd like to view this for (1), and then select 'Cherry Garden Orchard' (2).




This will take you to the Cherry Garden Orchard. You'll be shown instructions on using and navigating the Orchard. So once you've read these you'll just need to click on 'Let's explore!' to enter.




Here is the main Orchard view where you can see the four areas of learning that your child can by assessed in. To view their progress in an area just click on the corresponding sign. Here I'm going to select 'Communication, Language and Literacy' to explore this area.




Clicking each area can reveal one of two things: if your child is working in Branches 5-10 you'll see a cherry tree with a branch for each strand within that map; or if your child is working within branches 1-4 you'll see a flower pot for each strand within that map. 

If you'd like to familiarise yourself with the different Cherry Garden Branch Maps then you can view and download them from the bottom of our Cherry Garden info page here

After clicking on 'Communication, Language and Literacy' a tree has grown and I can see the four strands within this area. Just click on a branch to take a closer look. Here I'm going to look at Language & Communication. 




Each leaf represents a statement within that strand, and you can click on the leaves to view the corresponding observations or a note if the assessment was made as part of the Baseline.





You can use the 'Close' and 'BACK' buttons to navigate back to the main Orchard view. Once here again I'm going to click on the 'Personal, social and emotional development' area.




So as we have flower pots, we know the child's working within branches 1-4. To view your child's progress in a specific strand click on the correlating flower pot to see their learning flower grow. 




The petals on a flower represent a statement. They will grow darker with more evidence, and longer as your child becomes more secure. Again, just click on a petal (1) to see those relevant observations or assessment from the Baseline.




Don't forgot that at any point in the Orchard you can use the camera button to take a snapshot (2).




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