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Introductory walk through - Browser overview


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Hello! Welcome to Tapestry! This is a quick walk through guide to the browser version.

You can use the links below to skip to a specific section of this tutorial.

  1. Activating your account from an activation email
  2. Accessing your account when the setting has set you up with a password
  3. Navigating through your account


Okay so first of all; logging in. Your child's setting (which is practitioner speak for a nursery/childminder/school) might have chosen to activate your account in two different ways: via an activation email that gets issued to your email address or by setting you up with a password of their choice.


Activating your account from an activation email

If you were sent an email activation by your child's setting (which is practitioner speak for a nursery/childminder/school), you can just use that link to log in for the first time. Please note that this email is sent from noreply@tapestryjournal.com, so it might end up on your spam/junk folder! If the school tells you that they've sent you an activation email but this is nowhere to be seen, please do check your clutter box and make sure to mark noreply@tapestryjournal.com as a trusted sender. 

The email will look like this on your inbox:




You will have to click on the email to access the activation link, which reads 'Create your password':




The link will take you to the following screen:




(1) Determines the minimum specifications that you will need to meet for your password to be accepted. These are set up by the school and are designed to ensure that your password is as secure as possible due to the sensitive and confidential data you're able to access on your Tapestry account.

(2) Here you will have to type in your password of choice (the requirements will highlight in red as you meet them), and then repeat it just underneath.

(3) Here you can create your own PIN number. If you leave the Tapestry app or your device goes into 'sleep mode', you will be taken to the PIN screen the next time you try to access Tapestry. This is an extra security feature which should prevent others being able to access your Tapestry account via your device, but it also allows you to access your account without having to type in your full set of login details again. If you're not sure what your PIN is, you can press the red 'logout' button and then you should be able to login normally using your username and password.

(4) Press 'submit' to register your log in details. 


You will now be able to access your account by logging in with your email address and password:




You will also receive an email confirming that your account has been activated:




Accessing your account when the setting has set you up with a password

If the setting has set you up with a password and has provided you with this information, you can simply click on this URL to log in: https://tapestryjournal.com/. Alternatively you can search for Tapestry via your web browser.

Here you will have to type in the details given to you by the setting.




Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the home page. Here you can change the password to something of your choice by clicking on the drop down menu (1) and then selecting 'Edit Preferences' (2). From here, select 'Change Password' (3).





You should then be taken to the following page:


Similarly to the app, you will need to follow these steps to set up your password;

(1) Determines the minimum specifications that you will need to meet for your password to be accepted. These are set up by the school and are designed to ensure that your password is as secure as possible due to the sensitive and confidential data you're able to access on your Tapestry account.

(2) Enter the password provided by the setting here.

(3) Here you will have to create a password of your choice (the requirements will highlight in red as you meet them), and then repeat the same password just underneath.

(4) Confirm your new password.

(5) Save the changes.

When your child's setting creates your account, they might also generate a password for you and give that to you separately. If you don't receive this random password or if you lose/forget it, but you know the email address your account is set up under, you can reset both your password and your PIN by:

1. Going to https://tapestryjournal.com/
2. Clicking "Having trouble logging in?"




3. Selecting "Reset Your Password".




4. Entering the email address that you use for Tapestry, and clicking "submit".




5. Checking your email (you may have to look in your spam/junk mail) - the email will be called "Tapestry Password Reset".




6. Clicking the link in the "Instructions" section of  the email.



7. Filling in a new password and PIN on the form and clicking "Submit".




Navigating through your account

Once logged in you will be taken to the main page, where you will be able to see your child's observations in chronological order (1).

If your child' setting is using additional features, you may also be able to see other Tapestry features on the navigation bar, which we will not cover in detail in this tutorial, but the following links will take you to the specific tutorials to find out more:-

We  will cover the 'Children' option later (6) and this also provides another way to access to any 'Reports' related to your child (7), 

It is likely that the first time you log in there won't be very many, but this list will grow throughout your child's time at their Setting.




If you want to narrow down the sort of observations you are seeing, you can use the 'Filter & Sort Children'.

To get them to drop down, click on the 'Filter & Sort Children' button (1).




Once you click on it, it will expand to give you a variety of filter options (see below). You can select as many filter options as you like. 




You can also choose to sort them in a specific order on the same option under 'Sorting' (1). Once you have finished your selections, just press 'Submit' to confirm your choices.(2)




If there is a specific observation that you are looking for, you can search for a code word in the search bar.




At the top of the screen, next to your name, you will find your notification bell. If any observations/comments have been added since the last time you logged into Tapestry, they will show up there. You can see past notifications by clicking on 'View All Notifications'.




There will be times when you want to add observations to Tapestry. These can then be seen by your child's key person at their Setting and used to make assessments, or just as a contribution to the journal.

In order to add an observation, you first need to click on the blue 'Add Observation' button (1). This can be found on the home 'Observations' tab.




Once you have clicked on it, you will be taken to the page shown below. Here you will need to pick your child/children from the drop down list, add a title, and then you can add some notes and media.

Don't forget to press 'Save' at the end!




There are a couple of other things you can do on Tapestry. The most obvious, is to look at the 'Children' tab. Here you will be able to find all the children that are linked to you from a particular Setting (1). Unfortunately, if you have two children on Tapestry, but from different Settings, you will need to have two parent accounts.

If it says 'Enrolling' by a child's profile picture, this means they are not full active yet and have been added as 'enrolling' by the setting. You can't use the full functionality of Tapestry with children that are enrolling, you can only view their overview page and access their All About Me (if you have been given permission). 

You can also view any reports that you have been given access to related to your child from this screen




The other area on relative accounts is 'Edit Preferences, we have already touched this at the beginning of the tutorial. You can find this by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and choosing it from the drop down list. This drop down list is also where you log off from (though it will log you off automatically if you close the page or are inactive for an hour or more).

Clicking on 'Edit Preferences' will take you to this page. As you can see, it will show you which children you are connected to you, your notification preferences (if this has been enabled for you), and give you the option to change your email and password.




And that's everything! Hope you enjoy Tapestry!

If you have any problems with your Tapestry account, please contact your child's school or early years setting.


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