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Custom reports: duplicating a template


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It is possible to duplicate your active custom report templates as drafts. This can be helpful if you want to makes some changes to your template, if you would like to deactivate your live template, but don't want to delete it completely, or if you would like to create a new, similar report template.

To explain, it is not possible to edit a live report template, or change it back into a draft template. This is to avoid invalidating any reports you have created using the template. You can, however, delete a live template, and this will not affect any reports you have added using the template. This means that if you want to make any changes to a live report template, or to deactivate it without deleting it entirely, you will need to duplicate it as a draft first. You will then have an editable copy in your drafts, so you will safely be able to delete the live version.

If you have not yet created a custom report template, you can find our tutorial on this here.

To access your custom report templates you will need to click the 'Reports' tab at the top of the screen (1), then selecting 'Manage Custom Templates' (2).




You will then be able to duplicate a custom report template by clicking the 'Duplicate To Draft' button next to it (1), and selecting 'OK' on the message that pops up, asking if you wish to proceed (2).





You will then see a copy of your custom template appear in your drafts (1), along with the options to edit, activate or delete it (2).




Each report template must have a unique title, so to prevent it from clashing from your original template - and to help you tell them apart - the word 'copy' is added to the title, but this can be edited.

If you are replacing your original template with the duplicate, you will then be able to delete your active template by clicking the 'Delete' button to the right of it.




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