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Enabling Face ID or Touch ID on the iOS App


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You can now use Face ID or Touch ID to log in to the new iOS App if you have a suitable device. I'll show you how to enable Face ID on an iPhone XS, but the process will be the same if you are using other iOS devices that can use Face ID or Touch ID. You'll need to have Face ID/Touch ID enabled on your device before we begin, so if you haven't used it before make sure you get that set up first. 

Face ID/Touch ID will work by saving your Tapestry password and/or PIN to your device. It's worth noting that you can save different PIN numbers to Face ID/Touch ID if you have multiple accounts, but you can only save one password. You can either have the same password for multiple accounts and use Face ID/Touch ID for all of them, or you'll have to manually enter some passwords when you log in if you want them to be different. Please note for security reasons we do not recommend using the same password for different accounts.

Once you've signed in to the app, tap 'You' to navigate to the settings page (1).





To log in as easily as possible, you can save your email to your device (1), and then use Face ID/Touch ID for your PIN (2) and/or password (3). 





Tap save your email on this device and you'll be asked to enter your email and then save your changes. Make sure there are no typing errors in your address here otherwise Face ID/Touch ID will enter your email address incorrectly also!




You can then also follow the same steps to save your PIN and/or password to Face ID/Touch ID - again take care to avoid any typing errors: 




Once you've saved these details, you'll notice the 'Face ID' or 'Touch ID' button that you can tap instead of entering your PIN every time you lock the screen:





If you are fully signed out, you should see that your email address has been saved, and you can tap 'Use Face ID' or 'Use Touch ID' to sign in from the main log in page as below:





If you're signed up to more than one Tapestry account with your email address, you'll then be asked which account you want to sign in to:




If your passwords for both accounts are the same, you can sign straight in to either account. If one password is different from your Face ID / Touch ID saved password, you'll have to enter that password manually when you choose to sign in to that account. You can save different PIN numbers to Face ID/Touch ID if you have multiple accounts, but you can only save one password. 

If you ever want to turn off Face ID/Touch ID you can do this from the same settings page where you enabled it. If you entered your password or PIN incorrectly when enabling Face ID/Touch ID, you'll have to disable it and try again from this page also. (1) Removes your saved email address from the app, (2) will stop using Face ID/Touch ID for your PIN. and (3) will stop using Face ID/Touch ID for your password.





If you have any questions, queries, or feedback about the iOS app then feel free to get in touch with us at customer.service@eyfs.info:)


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