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Setting up and using the IEYC framework


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If you're using the International Early Years Curriculum framework with the children at your setting, you can make and store your assessments on Tapestry. 

If you'd like to do that, and if you're a manager on Tapestry, you can enable the framework from the browser version of Tapestry. That will turn it on for all staff (and can be made visible to relatives if you'd like). 

All you'll need to do is login, click on your name in the top right hand corner (1) and go to 'Control Panel' (2), then go to 'Settings' (3), and 'Assessments' (4). That will take you to the page where you can enable/disable any framework, but the one you're looking for is in the International section. Just click on 'Configure' (5). 




That will open a box on your screen. To make sure it is enabled for staff at your setting you need to tick the first tick box. You can also enable it for relatives by ticking the second one. Enabling it for relatives means they will be able to see the outcomes you have ticked as part of observations. They won't be able to assess the outcomes themselves though. 

Remember to press 'Submit' once you are done. 


If you have ticked to enable the curriculum, it will now be available to all managers and staff on your Tapestry account via the browser version and the Tapestry app (available for iOS, Android, and Amazon fire devices).

You just need to add an observation, by clicking on the 'Observations' tab at the top of the page (1) and then clicking on the '+ Add Observation' button (2),


and select the appropriate outcome from the curriculum. For more information about adding an observation on Tapestry, please see this tutorial





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