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Adding Care Diary entries on the Android app


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The Care Diary has now been added to the Android app! Please note that you will need to be using the latest version of the Tapestry app to access the Care Diary- version 4.2.0 or higher. Once you have enabled the Care Diary from the browser version of Tapestry (see our tutorial here if you need to do this), you'll access the feature by clicking the Care Diary icon at the bottom. If you have Accidents Only enabled then this will read 'Accidents', and you can refer to this tutorial to skip straight to adding Accidents.




Once you navigate to the Care Diary you'll see a list of the children that are visible to you. You can scroll down the page, search for children by name (1), or use the filters (2) to narrow down the list.

You can see today's date and use the arrows to navigate to a different date (3). This will set the default date of entries you add, and also show you current entries or comments (4) from that date. To find out about comments you can check out this tutorial here

At the top you'll notice some buttons which will allow you to view draft entries (please see our tutorial on this here) (5), and accidents requiring action (6). One other thing to note, before we get into adding the actual entries, is the ability to add drinks that are available throughout the day (7). 




There are two ways that you can add a Care Diary entry. From the main Care Diary page you can click on a child's photo to select them (1), or use the 'Select All' button (2) to select all children from the list. You'll notice that a child is selected by their name and tick in their photo turning blue. Some options will appear at the bottom where you can mark the selected child/ren as 'In Bed' or 'Out of Bed' (3) (a bed symbol (4) will appear for children marked as 'In Bed'), and add an entry for them (5).

Clicking that '+ Add Entry' button (5) will expand a list of the different entry types you can add (6). Clicking on one of these will take you to the relevant add entry page that we'll go through below.




The other way to add an entry is by clicking on that child's 'Entries' button (1), which will take you to their entries page. And from here select '+ Add Entry' (2). This will expand a list of the types of entries that you can add for the child (3). To do this, simply click on the entry type. We'll now go through each of entry types. 





Meal icon.jpg  Meal

You can select a pre-set meal time (1) (which you can add from your Control Panel) and add their food (2). Clicking on the 'All' drop-down (3) will allow you to change the amount of each food item eaten. You can add a drink (4), the quantity of their drink in numeric values (5), and change the volume type from the drop-down (6). If you'd like to add additional information then you can do this in the bottom box (7).

Once you've filled out the child/rens meal entry you can add this by clicking 'Save' (8). Otherwise, you can cancel or save it as a draft instead (9).




Toilet icon.jpg  Toileting

When adding a Toileting entry you can tick options for Nappy (1), Potty (2), and/or Toilet (3). If you want to specify anything outside of these tick boxes then this can be done in the 'Additional info' box (4). 

Once you're done you can add this entry by clicking 'Save' (5). Otherwise, you can cancel or save it as a draft instead (6).




Sleep care icon.jpg  Sleep Check

You can add in the child/rens sleep condition (1) and location (2). Instead of having just one time for the entry, Sleep Check entries have a start and end time (3). A little further down this tutorial we'll look at how to change the date and time for all entry types. 

As usual, you can add additional information (4) and then save the entry once complete (5), or cancel or save as a draft (6).




Milk feeds icon.jpg  Milk Feed

You can type or select an auto-complete milk feed (1) and add the quantity (2). You can change the volume from the drop-down if required (3). Any extra information can be added to the 'Additional info' box (4). 

Once you've filled out the child/rens milk feed entry you can add this by clicking 'Save' (5). Otherwise, you can cancel or save it as a draft instead (6).




Accident-Incident icon.jpg  Accident

When adding an accident, you can detail what happened (1), along with information about the type of first aid administered (2) and who it was administered by (3). Any additional information can be entered below (4). 

As always, you can add the entry by saving (5), or save as a draft or cancel completely (6).

This tutorial will show you how to approve accidents and mark them as discussed.




Other details icon.jpg  General Log

The general log allows you to enter a general entry for your child/ren, so you can give the entry a name (1) and add information about it (2). General logs have a start and end time (3) which will default to the same time; we'll have a look at editing the time in the next part of this tutorial. 

Once this entry is completed it can be saved (4), or cancelled or saved as a draft instead (5).




Setting the date and time

If you need to make any changes to the date or time, which will default to the time you add the entry, then you can change this on the Add Entry page. Scroll through the dates (1) to select a new one, or click on the current time to amend this (2). This will open up a new page to make the changes. Simply click on the hour or minute you want to amend (3) and use the time picker to select the new time (4). Once you've made your changes, click on 'Submit' (5). 




Adding multiple child entries

When adding an entry, if you want to change the child/ren attached then you can do this from the 'Add / Remove' button (1). This will open up a child picker where you click on a child's name to add or remove them, as shown by the tick and their name turning blue or grey respectively (2). You can use the 'Select All' button at the top to select all children shown (3), and use the filter and search function to narrow down the list (4). Once you've selected your children, click on 'Done' (5).




You'll see that this is now a multiple child entry (1) and you can continue to add your entry which will be for both children. If you wish to personalise this entry for one of the children, then simply click on their name (2) and this will allow you to modify the entry for that child (3). You can also see at the bottom that 'x Children' is no longer in red and that the child's name is instead in blue (4). 

You can see, at a glance, which children are using the group entry and which children have a customised entry (5). To go between the group entry and a child's customised entry, just click on 'x Children' or the child's name respectively (4). Alternatively, you can return to the group entry by selecting 'Back to overview' (6). As with any entry, you can 'Save' once you're done (7). 




We hope you found this helpful! For information on viewing, editing, and deleting entries you can checkout this tutorial here.
If you have any questions please get in touch at customer.service@eyfs.info.




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