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The Summative Assessments on Tapestry were designed to show you where a child is currently working. There are two EYLF Summative Assessment screens available on Tapestry, an individual view and a group view, I will talk you through both of them in this tutorial. 

To access them you just need to click on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the page (1), then making sure you are on the EYLF section (2), select either the 'Individual View' or 'Group View' buttons (3). I'm going to start by looking at the individual view. To skip to the section on the group view click here.




Individual View

Once on the Individual View screen, you will need to select a period of time (1) and a child to view (2). You also have the option of whether to include sub-outcomes that have not been assessed (3). I'm not going to select this option yet, but I will show you what this looks like later on. 




After you have selected a time period and a child, you will then see a chart where you can see all of the outcomes (1) and sub-outcomes (2) that have been assessed. 

For each indicator you can see how many times it has been assessed (3) as well as the most recent refinement you have assessed it with (4). 




If you choose to include sub-outcomes without assessments (from the top of the screen), you will also see any indicators that haven't been assessed. These will show up as pink. This option is helpful if you want to be able to see gaps in learning for your children. 




Now that we've had a look at the Individual View screen, we can take a look at the Group View one.


Group View

You can access the Group View screen if you are already on the Individual one by clicking on the 'Group' tab at the top of the screen. 

Otherwise you can access it from the Tracking tab as I showed you at the beginning of the tutorial.




Once on the Group View, you can select the period of time you want to view this for (1), whether you want a column showing the total number of assessments for all children for each indicator (2) and you can also choose which group of children you see from the filters (3). 




After selecting the time period and group of children, you will then be able to see a chart which has the outcomes (1) and sub-outcomes (2) listed in the far left-hand column and the indicators underneath each sub-outcome. If you selected to include the 'All Children' column then you will see this next to the indicators (3), showing you how many times each indicator has been assessed for all of the children you have selected to view. 

At the top you will see each child's name in the group you have selected to view (4) and underneath this you can see how many times they have been assessed against each indicator and their most recent refinement if you have these enabled (5). 

If a child hasn't been assessed, there will just be a dash to indicate this (6). 




So, that's how to access both the Individual and Group View EYLF Summative Assessment screens on Tapestry!

On both screens you have the option to export them as a CSV or PDF. You can find the buttons to do this just above the charts in the right-hand corner.





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