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Exporting media from observations

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It is possible to download the media attached to observations from the browser version of Tapestry. This function was developed primarily because it's not possible to export videos at the same time as the rest of the journal in PDF format, but it seems a shame to lose the video clips that you have been adding to the profile when the child leaves your setting/moves up the school.

By default this option is only available for managers on Tapestry, but if you would like parents or regular staff members to be able to access this too (so they can download them straight to their computer) you can turn it on for them by going to your Control Panel (1) > User Permissions (2), then selecting either 'Staff' or 'Relatives' (3).



You then need to scroll down the 'Observations' section until you get to 'Download Media'. From there you can see the default setting (1). If you would like to change that for all staff/relatives, or specific users, you can do so by clicking on the edit button (2).





To actually download the media, you need to be logged into the browser version of Tapestry and find the observation you want to download the media from. If you would like to look at the media first, simply click on the title, but otherwise, just click on the cog button in the top right hand corner and select 'Download Photos and Videos' from the drop down menu. You can do that from within the observation too.




If you have clicked into an observation you can find this link underneath the media in the observation.




Once you have clicked on it, a pop up box will appear with thumbnails of each of the media items. To download them, simply click on those thumbnails.




They will then be exported straight to your computer. How you're informed of this will vary depending on your browser, but in any case, they should show up in your 'Downloads' folder on the computer that you're using.


And that's it! Happy weaving!


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