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Linking children to relatives

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If relatives have been uploaded in bulk to your Tapestry by CSV file (this tutorial here explains how to do this) you will then need to attach each relative to the correct child/ren. You can see relatives that don't have any children attached as it will say 'no children set' underneath their name.

You can attach children to relatives by going to the manage relatives section on the control panel and clicking on the 'Manage Relationships' button.



This will show you a page with all of your relatives names on it; to attach a child to a relative you just need to click on the 'Edit Children' button at the end of the row of a relative's name.



You will then see a pop-up box with a list of all your children’s names. To attach them you just need to select the relationship type (mother, father etc.) from the drop-down list next to the child's name (1), you can search for specific children using the ‘Filter’ search bar at the top (2). Relatives with parental responsibility (3) will be notified once an accident entry has been signed off, so if this needs to be ticked you can do it here. 

When you’re finished press the ‘Done’ button (3).



Once this has been done you will see the child's name appear under the relative's name.



Please note that you can add children through the 'manage relationships' option even if your relatives are inactive, activating or not activated.

You can also link children one relative at a time by clicking on the 'edit' button next to the relative's name.



You then just need to scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the 'Attach new child' button and select the child from the drop-down list. It possible to select multiple children here, you just need to click on the attach button again.




After selecting the child, you can then choose the relationship type (1) from the drop-down list, and you can also mark the relative as having parental responsibility (2) for their children here. Make sure that you 'Save' (3) the changes. 




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