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N.B. Please note that, at the moment, Memos are visible through both the app and browser version of Tapestry but they can only be created through the browser version of Tapestry. Staff members will need to log in to their accounts from www.tapestryjournal.com from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones to add these.


Once you have enabled Memos on your account you will see this option appear on the task bar at the top (1), clicking on that will take you to the screen you see below.

Here is where your Memos will appear once you've made them. You can see an example of one I made earlier (2). 

To start creating your own Memo, click the '+Add Memo' button in the top right corner (3) 




As you can see, Memos look a lot like Observations and work very similarly, too. Firstly, select a child by clicking the '+Select Children' button. Please note, only the relatives attached to the children you select are the ones that can access this Memo. 




You can select individual children from the tick-boxes at the end of the row of their names (1). You can also select whole groups of children using the 'Select all' button (2).

To only see children from a specific group (3) or cohort (4) you cans select those tabs at the top. If you're looking for a specific child you can use the search bar (5). 

Once you have added the necessary children, click 'Done' (6).




Next, give your Memo a title (1) (it will not save without one). On the right-hand side you will see you have a couple of options. 

Clicking on the ‘Draft/Publish’ drop-down (2) will provide you with three different options, these are:

  • Make draft: This means only staff will be able to see the memo, no relatives will be able to.
  • Publish: This will make it accessible straight away to relatives and if they are set up to receive notifications, they will be notified. 
  • On the creation date (scheduled): This will publish the memo on the date you select from the calendar above (3). If you select a date in the future on the calendar but do not select this option, the memo will not become scheduled. You can read this tutorial for more information on scheduling posts on Tapestry.

The date of the memo can be changed from the 'Created' section (4). 

Once you’ve selected whether you want the memo to be a draft, published or scheduled you can then fill in the ‘Notes’ box (4) with whatever you need to tell the relatives. 




You can also upload documents to your Memo such as pictures, videos, audio files, Word docs, PDFs etc. by clicking on the ‘Add Files’ (1) button to select the documents you need. Once you've done that, click ‘Start Upload’ (2).

Once media have been selected you have the options to delete them (3), in case anything has been added by accident and you can also choose the order of the media using the up and down arrows (4). Videos, audio clips, and pictures sit separately to documents when the page is saved (documents appearing below them in their own section), but you can change the order of them in each of their groups. 

If you're happy with everything, go ahead and click ‘Save’ at the bottom (5).




 After saving, you will see your Memo. If you want to change the status of the memo from here, you just need to click on the cog button (1). 

When you have a memo open you will also see the option to add a comment (2). 




Back on your main Memo screen, you will now see your new memo appear on the list (1). If you want to make any changes to a memo, you just need to click on the ‘Edit’ button (2). Clicking on the cog button (3) will give you the options to view the history of the memo, change the status of it depending on its current status, schedule it and to also delete the memo. 





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