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Setting Permissions for Staff

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Once you have added a staff member to Tapestry you are then able to set permissions and notifications for the staff accounts. You have a choice whether you set up permissions to apply to all staff, or to set up different permissions for individual staff members.


To add staff members to your Tapestry account you can use the links below:


Adding Staff to Tapestry


Creating a CSV file


Adding Staff via a CSV file


To then set up permissions you will need to go to the Control Panel by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and selecting ‘Control Panel’ from the drop-down menu.

(1) You’ll then need to select ‘User Permissions’ from the left-hand side menu.

(2) Ensure that the tab is set to 'Staff'

(3) To edit any permissions for staff you will need to click on the 'edit' button


Please note that you cannot change the permission for managers as they are always 'Permitted' to perform any of these actions.



You will then be given the following options for every 'user permission':


(1) This is where you see the name of the permission you are editing/amending. In this case it is for staff to have the ability/not have the ability to 'Approve own observations'.

(2) Here you can set a 'default' permission for all staff as either 'permitted' or 'not permitted'. This means that the option you select here will be applied to all staff on your account.

(3) By selecting 'Set different permissions for different users' you will be able to specifically pick and choose who is permitted to carry out this action and who is not permitted.

(4) You can also choose to have staff members that are not currently active showing in the list. 

(5) Staff members 'Beth Murphy' and 'Samuel Bailey' have been 'permitted' to approve their own observations.

(6) All other staff members have been left with the default permission, which is 'not permitted'.

(7) Once you have amended your permissions for staff, click 'Save'.


The first screen which lists the permission for 'Approve own observations' will now appear as follows:




(1) The default permission for 'Approve own observations' is 'Not Permitted'.

(2) Staff members 'Beth Murphy' and 'Samuel Bailey' are the only one's who are 'Permitted' to approve their own observations.

(3) All other staff have been given the default permissions, which is 'Not Permitted'.


As well as the permission for staff being able to approve their own observations, you can also amend the following Staff User Permissions from this page in the same way:



Approve observations created by other staff

Allow staff to approve (and unapprove) observations created by other staff


Approve observations created by relatives

Allow staff to approve (and unapprove) observations created by relatives


Delete observations

Allow users to delete observations


Download media

Show a download button for photos & videos on observations


Bulk export observations as a PDF

Allow users to create a downloadable PDF of observations that they can see.



View children who are not key children

Allows staff to see and work with all children. If denied, they can only see their key children.



Access reports

Access the report sections for children the user can see



Use analysis

Access to the analysis section


Use staff observation counts screen

Access the staff observation counts screen that displays how many observations each staff member has made per-child


Use relative activity screen

Access the relative activity screen that displays information about how relatives have been using Tapestry



Receive notifications

Allow users to receive notifications. This includes via the bell icon within Tapestry and via email


Please feel free to send in any support requests to customer.service@eyfs.info if you require any further assistance!


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