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Adding relatives one at a time


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This tutorial explains how you can add relatives individually. Before you proceed with this, we would recommend that you take a look at this article we have written which covers different safeguarding and data protection issues you might want to consider when adding relatives. 

On Tapestry you can add as many relatives as you wish, and you can link various relatives to the same child. If there is a family that would like to have an account for every single member, e.g. parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc., that is absolutely fine!


To add relatives one at a time the most important piece of information you will need is their email address. All relative accounts need an email address to be able to log in.

Once you have this information, you can go to the Control Panel (1) -> Manage Relatives (2). The click on the 'Add Relative' button at the top (3).




This will take you to a form that you will need to fill in with the corresponding information. All compulsory fields have been marked with a *.

In this first section you can optionally upload a profile photo for that relative (1). 

Then in the 'Details' section, you will need to enter the relative's first and last name (2) and their email address (3). The registered email address will be the one they'll use to log in. 

You also have the option to add their phone number (4) and save a collection password for them (5).



Once a relative's details have been saved on your account, you can view their phone number and collection password from their profile. 




The 'activation' field allows you to decide how you want to activate the relative's account: 

  1. Email an activation link to the user: an email will be sent to the registered email address with a link. By clicking on the link, the user will be able to create a password of their choice and gain access to their account. 
  2. Manually enter the password and make active immediately: you will have to set them up with a random password. Please note that Tapestry will not send a notification email letting the user know their account is now active. You will have to advise them of their account having been activated and either send them the random password you set them up with or ask them to request a reset password email (learn more about gaining access as an active user here).
  3. Do not activate yet: no actions will be taken to activate the user and they will remain not activated (learn about user status here). You will be able to initiate the activation process later on by following the instructions in this tutorial here. 




You can link relatives to any and all of their children in the account in the 'Related Children' section by clicking on the 'Attach new child' button (1). Then just select the child you want to link them to from the drop-down list (2). 

Relatives will only be able to see posts for children they are linked to. If you include the child/ren they are linked to in group posts, relatives won't see the names of the other children included in the post.

If they have twins or a set of siblings that are set up in the same Tapestry account, you just need to select each child from the list to link them.




After you have linked a relative and a child, you can select their relationship type from the drop-down (1). The options are: Father, Mother, Grandparent, Other, Guardian, Carer. 

You also have the options of marking the relative as having 'Parental Responsibility' for the child (2), meaning that the relative will receive a notification once accident entries are signed off, and marking the relative as the child's 'Bill Payer' (3), which will allow you to send invoices for the child to that relative. Tutorials explaining both options in more detail are linked below:

If you accidentally link the wrong child, you can remove them by using the 'x' at the end of the row (4).

Once you're finished adding all the information for the relative, just remember to hit 'Save' at the bottom (5). 






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