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To find the Term Progress page, first select ‘Tracking’ (1) from the top menu, choose the 'Cherry Garden' framework (2), and then select ‘Term Progress’ from the ‘Analysis’ section (3):




You will then be able to select a Year (1), a Period (2), a Child (3) and a Strand (4).  Once you have made these selections, you will be able to see the progress the child has made in the chosen period.





In the example above, Anna has made progress from her baseline assessment in Branches 2 and 3.  The black arrows (5) are pointing to the ‘best fit’ judgement.  The best fit is the lowest branch where a child has achieved less than 80% of the milestones that feature in that branch.  In the above example, Anna’s best fit score for Language and Communication at the end of the Summer term is 75% of Branch 2. 


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