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Linking Montessori activities to EYLF outcomes


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It is possible to link your Montessori activities to EYLF outcomes on Tapestry. To do this you will need to make sure you have the Montessori assessment framework and Early Years Learning Framework enabled on your account. You can find our tutorial on controlling which assessment frameworks are enabled on your account here.

You will then need to begin adding an observation. You can do this from the main observations list (1) by clicking the 'Add Observation' button (2).




If you then scroll down to the Assessments section and select a Montessori assessment (1), you will notice that a link icon appears next to the assessment you have chosen (2). If you have both the EYFS and EYLF framework enabled on your account links will appear for each of them. However, we wouldn't generally recommend having both enabled, as EYLF is for Australian provisions and EYFS is for UK settings or international schools.




If you click the EYLF button, a pop-up will appear with suggestions for EYLF outcomes related to the activity you have selected. If you tick 'Observed' by an outcome (1) you will then be given the option to select sometimes, usually or always (2), and to tick any statements that apply (3). Once you are done remember to click 'Update EYLF' (4).




If you choose to link another activity to EYLF, values that you have already linked will appear with a blue square next to them.




Bear in mind that any EYLF outcomes added this way will contribute to your EYLF snapshots.

You can also find our tutorial on linking Montessori activities to EYFS statements here.




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