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How to delete and restore observations

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This tutorial explains how to delete observations and also how to restore observations after you have deleted them. It's possible to delete observations through the app and browser version of Tapestry (this tutorial will show you how to do both), but you can only restore observations on the browser version of Tapestry.

Please note that while staff members might have the ability to delete observations, depending on how you have set your user permissions, only Manager accounts may restore or permanently delete observations.

Let's get started by looking at how to delete observations.

How to delete observations from Tapestry

To do this on the browser version you will firstly need to login to Tapestry at https://tapestryjournal.com/

Once on the observations page if you just want to delete a singular observation you need to click the cog icon by the observation you want to delete (1) and then select 'Delete' from the drop-down menu (2). Once you select this you will get a pop-up just confirm that you want to proceed with the deletion, if you want to, you'll just need to select the 'delete' button.




The observation will be temporarily visible on the observation page as 'deleted' until you refresh the screen or navigate elsewhere in Tapestry. You can use this opportunity to restore the observation by clicking the cog icon by it (1) and selecting restore (2). Don't worry if you miss this, the deletion is not permanent yet.




If you have several observations you want to delete, you can also do this in bulk by selecting the observations you want to delete from the tick boxes at the end of the rows of the observations (1) and then from the pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner, select 'Delete' (2) and press 'Go' (3).




If you are on the app version of Tapestry and want to delete an observation from there, you can do this by viewing the observation you want to delete and selecting the delete option at the bottom of the page. Permanent deletion and the ability to restore observations are not available on the app so if you want to do one of these things, you will need to do it through the browser version of Tapestry.



How to restore or permanently delete an observation

Deleted observations are kept in a hidden area of Tapestry which only a Manager account can view, they are not permanently deleted unless a Manager chooses to do so. To view your deleted observations, you need to set your page filters on the observation page to show Observation Status: Deleted. To do this you just need to click where it says 'Filter & Sort Observations' at the top of the Observations page. 




From the page filters pop-up you will need to select 'Deleted' from the 'Observations Status' drop-down (1) and then press 'Submit' (2). 




In your deleted section you can either restore or permanently delete your deleted observations. Please make sure you only permanently delete them if you are sure you definitely don't want to keep them. THIS IS A PERMANENT DELETION.

To restore or permanently delete an observation you just need to click on the cog button at the end of the row of the observation (1) and then either select 'Restore' or 'Permanently Delete' (2), depending on what action you want to take. Just as you can delete observations in bulk, you can also restore or permanently delete them in bulk. This is done in the exact same way, you just need to select the ones you want to restore or permanently delete from the tick boxes and then select the appropriate action from the pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner and press go. 

Please note that if you restore an observation, it is restored as 'not in journal', so relatives will not be able to see it. 




Once you restore or permanently delete an observation you will see it removed from this page. Don't forget when you are done to reset your page filters to default so you can see your normal observations, you can do this just by clicking where it says 'Reset filters to default' under the page filters button at the top of the page.




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