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Favouriting assessment frameworks on the Android app


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When adding an assessment framework to your observation, a handy feature is the ability to 'favourite' an assessment framework, and also favourite aspects/areas and age bands/levels/stages within that framework. You can use this to quickly add assessments for your most used ones.

To add a favourite you first need to select the relevant framework.




From here you'll see the favourite button (a star) in the top right-hand corner. 




Once you press on this button you'll see it turns orange to indicate it is now a favourite. 




Now that you've added your favourites, when you select 'Pick assessments' from an observation, you'll see your favourites appear at the top of the screen for easy selection. To remove a favourite you just need to go into it and unselect the star button: it will then no longer show as orange. 




And that's it! For more details on adding an observation within the app please have a look at this tutorial



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