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How to upload profile photos for children


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On Tapestry it's possible to add or update profile photos for children either individually or in bulk. In this tutorial I will talk you through both ways.

To do this you will need to be a manager on your account and you will need to be logged in to the browser version of Tapestry through tapestryjournal.com.

I will firstly show you how to upload a profile photo for an individual child.


Uploading a profile photo for an individual child

Once you've logged in, click on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and select 'Control Panel' from the drop-down (2). On the Control Panel, you will then need to select 'Manage Children' from the left-hand menu (3).

Once you are on the Manage Children page, you will firstly need to find the child within the list. You may want to use the search bar at the top of the page to help you with this (4). After you've found them, click on the 'Edit' button at the end of the row of their name (5). 



On the next page, at the top, click on the 'Add Photo' button. 


After clicking on the 'Add Photo' button, you will then be presented with some more options. You just need to click on the 'Browse' button or drag your file to where it says 'Or drag and drop files here' to upload a photo for the child. 



Now that you have uploaded a photo, you can remove it if you've selected the incorrect one (1), crop it using the the blue box on the actual photo (2) or rotate the photo (3). When you are happy with the photo after any edits you've made, click on the 'Upload' button (4). 



After you've uploaded the photo, just remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Save' button to complete the process of uploading the profile photo for the child.



Now that we've looked at how to do this for an individual child, we'll look at uploading profile photos in bulk. 


Uploading profile photos in bulk

There are two different ways you can access the page to bulk upload children's profile pictures. 

The first way is from the same Manage Children page on the Control Panel that we used to upload individual children's photos. At the top, click on 'Update Profile Pictures'. 



The second way to access this page is from the 'Children' tab at the top of the screen (1). 

Here you will need to select the tick boxes for the children you want to upload photos for (2).

By default you will only see 12 children per page here, so you might want to change it so you can see all children at once. To do this you just need to click where it says '12 per page' (3); and from there you can choose to see all children. If you want to select all children on a page at once, click where it says 'Select items' and choose all (4).

In the bottom right-hand corner you will then see a pop-up box, from there select 'Update profile pictures' (5) and press 'Go' (6).



On the bulk upload page, you will see all the children listed on your account or the ones you selected from the Children tab.

For children that don't already have profile photos, you can click on the 'Add Picture' button to select a photo from your files (1). If you already have the photo open, you can drag it to where it says 'Drop a file here to upload' (2). 

The process for updating photos for children that already have one is exactly the same, it will just say 'Replace Picture' (3) instead of 'Add Picture'. 


Once you've selected a photo, you can crop it using the blue box on the photo (1), and you can also rotate it if it's not the right way up (2). If you realise you've selected the wrong photo, you just need to click on the 'Cancel' button (3).

When you're happy with the photo, click on 'Upload' (4). 



After the photo has finished uploading it will show up as green with a tick to inform you that this has been done. You can then move on to uploading more profile photos for other children.



So, that's how to upload profile photos for individual children and in bulk for groups of them. You can also upload profile photos for staff and relatives using the same methods, just from the Manage Staff and Manage Relatives pages respectively. 




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