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Editing a group login page within your school


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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to edit a group login page for Child Login within your school. To skip to a relevant section, please use the links below.

1) Adding/changing a profile picture to your group login page, changing the group login page name, and changing what the children see when they use it (re their names and passwords)

2) Adding and removing children from a group login page


1) Profile pictures, group login page name, and child name and password visibility

Adding or changing a profile picture of a group login page, changing the group login page name, changing how the children can be distinguished (profile pic, first name, last name or a combination), and changing what the children see when they type in their passwords can all be done from the same place. You'll need to go to 'Child Login' (1) then click 'Manage' next to the group you want to make changes to (2)-




-and then click 'Edit' in any of the places you can see it on the page (there are a few but the first one is right at the top).



You'll need to look at these sections and make which ever changes you want. 




When you are happy, you can click 'Save login page' right at the very bottom and the system will return you to the main group login page. From there you can add the link for this group login page to a new computer or log yourself in as one of the children in that group if you like.  


2) Adding and removing children from a group login page

You might want to change the children who can actually access the group login page. To do this you can either:

Add/remove a child from an existing group login page and from an established group

You don't actually do this from the Child Login section of your account.
Instead you need to go to the Control Panel and edit the group within Manage Groups. To do this you will need to be a manager on your account. 

So, go to 'Control Panel' (1), then 'Manage Groups' (2).





Find the group you want to add the child to in the list and click 'Edit Children'.




A pop-up box will appear showing you a list of active children and you can either use the search bar to find the child you want (1), or scroll down the page until you see their name. When you have found them, put a tick in the little box to the right of their name if you want to add them (2), or untick it if they're already in the group and you want to remove them. Then click 'Done' (3).




If you're removing a child (and you selected this group when you were setting up the group login page), they'll automatically be removed and won't be able to login from that group login page anymore. If you're adding a new child, they'll automatically appear in the group login page provided that when you created the page you chose to include the all the children in the group.

Side note: Remember that children need passwords to be able to login. If the child you've just added doesn't have one yet and you need to know how to generate one for them, check out this tutorial on generating passwords

If you chose 'just some of the group' or you're not sure and need to check, then go to Child Login (1) and click to manage the page (2). 



Here, scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll be able to see the children who can sign in using this group login page. If the child you're looking for isn't here though, click Edit. 



Now scroll down the page until you see the section titled 'Which children can log in?'.

What you should see here, is the group you've just edited (1) and ticks next to some of their names (2). 



Scroll through this list, put ticks next to the names of the children you want to also appear in this group (1), then to finish off, press 'Save login page'.



If a different group of children is appearing, and it makes sense to, you can always change the selected group. You don't have to though! The most important thing is that every child you want to use this group login page is visible and has a tick next to their name.

Also, as mentioned above, make sure they have a password set - this tutorial explains how to do that if you're not sure.


Add/remove a child to an existing group login page only

If you need to just add/remove a child from the group login page and not from the group itself, you can do this by editing the group login page on the 'Child Login' tab. 

Start by going to the 'Child Login' tab (1), find the group you want to remove the child from and click 'Manage' (2).




If you scroll down, you will see a list of the children that are in this group. Click 'Edit' on the right.




If you scroll down to the bottom of the Edit page, you will see the list of children again under the title 'Which children can log in?'.

Here you'll see whichever group you chose when setting up this group login page, and whether you chose to include all of them or just some.




If you're removing a child, remove the tick in the box next to their name. If you're adding a child then add a tick next in said box!




If the child you want to add isn't in the list of available children then you might want to go back further up this tutorial and actually add them to the group from 'Manage Groups' (follow the directions for Add/remove a child from an existing group login page and from an established group).

Alternatively you can change the group you've selected to 'All children' and tick any children you want to be able to login in. 

When you're done though, remember to save! 





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