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The difference between the Tapestry App and the Browser version of Tapestry


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The app version of Tapestry was designed to be a pared-down version of Tapestry, to make uploading observations as quick and easy as possible. Therefore, it doesn’t have all the same functionality as the browser version. You can still access the browser version on a non-computer device, like a phone or tablet, you just need to use a web browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Safari etc.) to do this. 

The functions that aren’t available on the app are:

  • The Control Panel – this is where managers can control everything on the account
  • The Tracking tab – where you can access all the different tracking screens
  • The Children tab – it is from here that you find children’s next steps and all about me’s 
  • The Care Diary and Accidents – where you can add and access care entries for children throughout the day, this is something we are planning to add to the app 
  • Documents - the section where you can share documents with your staff and, optionally, with all relatives
  • Reflections - where you can create reflections and participate in the reflective process of your colleagues
  • Reports - the section where you can create and view reports for children
  • Memos - (you can view and comment but not create new) for sharing more general information with children and relatives, that you may not want added to their journals
  • Activities - (you can view and comment but not create new) the page for viewing saved activities and planning activities for children.

Please note, I'm going to be using screenshots from the new Android app, which is a separate app to the original one. There are currently two apps available, the original version and the new one. We would recommend downloading the new one as this includes lots of great new features including an offline mode and push notifications.  Please see this page and for information about the new iOS app, please see this one


This tutorial will focus on some of the key differences. To skip to a specific section within the tutorial please use the links below.


                    1. Logging in

                              a. Browser

                              b. App

                    2. Adding observations

                              a. Browser

                              b. App


Logging in

Firstly we'll look at logging in using the browser version of Tapestry. To skip to the section on logging in using the app, click here.


To login to the browser version of Tapestry you just need to go to any web browser and type www.tapestryjournal.com in the URL box. 

On the login page you will just need to enter your email (1) and password (2) and then click on the login button (3).

If you are a PIN-only member of staff, you will need a manager or full member of staff to firstly login and then to switch user to allow you to login using your 4-digit PIN. This tutorial talks you through how to do this.

If you can’t remember your password, you just need to click where it says ‘Having trouble logging in?’ underneath the login button (4). 



On the next page you can follow the ‘Reset Your Password ’ link (1) under the heading ‘I’ve forgotten my password’. This will send you a password reset email from which you can set up a new password to then login with. If you clicked on this link by mistake and you do know your password, you can click on ‘Return to the main log in page’ (2). 



If you are set up on multiple accounts using the same email address, then when you press login you will be taken to a screen where you can choose which setting to login to. For any that you have entered the correct password for, you can login just by clicking on the 'Visit Now' button (1). For accounts with a different password than the one you entered, to login to these you will need to click on the 'Enter Password' button (2). This will take you back to the login page where you will need to enter your email and the correct password for that account. 





Firstly, you will need to download the Tapestry app from the App/Amazon App/Play store, depending on what device you are using. Please note we currently only have apps for iOS (Apple), Android and Amazon Fire devices. Remember, there are two Tapestry apps available at the moment, the original one which will show up as grey and the new one which will have a colour logo.

Once the app is downloaded, you then just need to open it and enter your email (1) and password (2). You can use the eye icon (3) to see your password but please ensure if you use this that no one else can see your device. After entering your email and password you just need to click on the 'Login' button (4).




If you enter your email and/or password incorrectly you will a message in red informing you of this (1) and you will also be presented with the option of resetting your password (2).




Just like on the browser version of Tapestry, if your email is linked to multiple accounts, when you go to login you will be presented with all the accounts you are set up on. For any you've entered the correct password for, you can just tap on the name of the setting to login (1).

If your password for any accounts are different to the one you entered, you will be shown this (2) and when you tap on the setting name, you will be taken back to the main login page where you will need to enter your email and the correct password for that setting. 




One feature the app has that isn’t available on the browser, is that if the device you are using times out, rather than having to use your email and password to login, you can quickly log back in with your 4-digit PIN. To chose which members of staff logs in, you just need to click on the down arrow to be presented with a list of all staff (1). You can then use the PIN pad to enter your 4-digit PIN (2).




If you can’t login on the app or browser and have tried resetting your password and still can’t login, please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info

Now that you have logged in, I’ll show you the differences between making an observation on the browser and on the app. 

Adding Observations

Now we'll look at adding observations using the browser version of Tapestry. To skip to the section on adding observations using the app, click here.


Once you login to the browser version of Tapestry, you will be taken straight to the main observations page. To then add an observation you just need to click on the ‘+ Add Observation’ button.




The first two options you'll be presented with is to select children (1) and to add a title (2). You won’t be able to save an observation without adding children and a title. You can then also add any notes (3), additional information (4) (if you have this enabled), and media and documents (5).

You can add an assessment (6) or a flag (7) to your observation. If enabled, you'll also have the option to link this observation (8) to other observations or reflections, etc. 

If you are a manager or a staff member with permission to, you can change the status of an observation if you want it to be automatically added to the child’s/children’s journal/s (9). You also have the options to change the time/date of the observation (10) and to also change the author (11). 

When you’re done, you just need to click on the ‘Save’ button at the top or bottom of the page (12) to upload the observation. If you want to go straight into adding another observation after uploading this one, you can select ‘Save & Add another' (13). 



When you select your children as shown above (1),you'll get a pop-up box from which you can select individual children by adding a tick to the box next to their name (2) or selecting them all from the list (3). If you have any, you'll see a separate list for your key children (4). You can also filter the list by searching for children (5) or  viewing other groups set up on your account (6). Once you've selected the children click on 'Done' at the bottom (7).






To add an observation on the app you just need to click on the ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 




Here you can add a title (1), notes (2), media (3), children (4), and assessments (5) and flags (6). If you have permission, you can change the status of the observation from 'Not in journal' (7), and you can also change the time/date of when the observation was added (8). If you have the additional information field enabled on your account, you'll see this at the bottom (8).




When you tap on the 'Select children' option (4), you then be presented with a list of all children that you can see on your account. To add one to the observation, you just need to tap on their name (A) or you can 'Select All' (B). You can also use the search bar at the top to search for a specific child (C) and on the new version of the app you can use filters to select children from a group (D). 

When you're happy with the child/ren selected, click on 'Done' (E) to add them to the observation.




On the filters page you can select a group so you just see the children listed that are within that group (a). If you want to go back from here you can just click on the 'Cancel' button (2) or if you want to proceed with the filter you have selected, just tap 'Submit' (c).




You can now save your observation at any point on the new apps, even without adding a title and children to it. This can be done by saving the observation as a draft. To save an observation on the app you just need to click on the 'Upload' button in the top right-hand corner.




If you haven't added a title or children to your observation, when you click on 'Upload' you'll be presented with two options. The first option will save the observation as a draft (1), please note that drafts are only stored on a device for a limited period of time. The second option will allow you to go back to the observation to continue editing it so you can add a title and children to it (2). 




If you have added a title and children to the observation, when you press 'Upload', the observation will automatically be sent to be uploaded.


So, those are the main differences between the app and browser versions of Tapestry! 



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