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CSV files for relatives


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You can upload relatives in bulk onto Tapestry via a CSV file. This is a quick guide to show you what the CSV document you need to create will look like and explain how you can convert a standard excel file sheet into a CSV file.

Below is an example of what your file might look like. When you add relatives to Tapestry there are three fields that must be filled in: First Name, Last Name, and Email (1). 

There are then 2 additional, optional, fields which are: phone number and collection password (2). 




In order to change this to CSV format you should go to "File" > "Save As" > "Save as type:" " CSV (Comma Delimited)".




You should then be able to upload it to Tapestry. For guidance on how to do that, please check out this tutorial.


There are a few things that you should note:

  • The name and email address fields refer to the relative's names and email address, not the children's.
  • Tapestry expects the file to contain a row of headings followed by the rows of data with no gaps. If there are any blank rows, delete these and shift the remaining data up.
  • You can have extra columns of information but if Tapestry doesn't collect that data, you won't be able to import them.
  • You need to fill in all the fields - you won't be able to import the relative if there is a blank space for one of their names of their email address
  • You can upload as many or as few people as you want this way.
  • You will have to connect each child to their relative manually. This is to prevent errors resulting in the wrong people having access to a child's journal.


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