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Changing term dates

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On Tapestry you can customise the periods so the assessments you make correspond with your setting's term dates.

Please be aware that changing your assessment periods may alter the scores that show up in your snapshots.


As this is a setting change, you will need to be signed into the browser version of Tapestry as a manager and go to the control panel by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner then selecting 'control panel' from the drop down menu.




You will then need to click on (1) 'Settings' and select (2) 'Summative Assessments' from the drop down menu. That will take you to a page where you can see, amongst other things, the term dates you currently have set. If any, or all, of these need changing, click on the 'Change Assessment Periods' button (3).




You can then remove any extra periods by clicking on the (1) 'x' button or you can add a new period by clicking on the (2) 'add period' button.

To change the dates, you just need to click on the drop down boxes for start/end date (3). You can change the term names by in the 'name' boxes (4). To save your changes you will need to click on the 'submit' button (5).

Please do be aware however, that changing these dates will affect your previous periods and years on Tapestry and so the scores that already exist in your snapshots may change.

If you only make a minor change, e.g. you tweak the dates within a period or change the period's name, then you're unlikely to see much change. However, any assessments that have been made as part of observations will be moved to coincide with the period in which they were made, so if any were added in the days you have tweaked, they will move. The manually overridden changes you have made to snapshots should stay where they are for minor changes but for more significant ones (e.g you change the number of periods), the manually overridden scores will be moved to whatever new period contains the last day of the old period. See the red box in the picture below for more details.





If you decide to cancel the changes before you have submitted them, you can just leave the page (either close it, or go to a different page within Tapestry) to leave them as they were. You must do that before you press submit though!

You can also choose to reset them back to Tapestry default ones by clicking on the 'set defaults' button.



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