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Posted 09 August 2016 - 03:30 PM

These tutorials take you through all of the functions available on Tapestry. Many of them require manager access but if you've been set up as a full account staff member or PIN only staff member you may still find these useful, especially those under the heading General Use.

If you have a relative account, the best place to go for help using Tapestry is here. Alternatively you can speak to a manager at your child's setting.       




  1. Setting a password policy
  2. Changing term dates
  3. Configuring Tapestry for Analysis
  4. Notification preferences
  5. Controlling which assessment pickers are available
  6. Changing themes and fonts
  7. Making reports visible to staff
  8. Changing between viewing all children and key children
  9. Unsubscribing from our mailing list
  10. Updating your Tapestry contact details

    Starting Up
  11. Starting with Tapestry
  12. Starting with Tapestry Video
  13. Changing your PIN, password, and email address
  14. Adding a child
  15. Adding a relative
  16. Linking relatives to children
  17. Setting Permissions for Relatives
  18. Creating a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet)
  19. Adding children, relatives and staff via CSV file
  20. Adding a staff member
  21. Adding key children to staff
  22. Adding groups
  23. All About Me
  24. Baseline assessments
  25. Converting a trial account
  26. Your Invoice Explained

    NEW (beta) - KS1 and KS2 Frameworks
  27. Setting up the KS1 and KS2 assessment sections
  28. Assessing with the KS1 and KS2 frameworks
  29. KS1 and KS2 summative assessment data
  30. Plans for Analysis

    General Use
  31. Switching accounts
  32. Adding an observation
  33. How to delete and restore observations
  34. Adding a group observation and managing what relatives can see and do on them
  35. Exporting media from observations
  36. Creating a report or two year progress check
  37. Next steps and next obs
  38. Downloading journals to PDF
  39. Reactivating a inactive/deleted child
  40. Viewing changes that have been made to your account ('Events') 
  41. Adding more children to your Tapestry account
  42. Tapestry email log
  43. Individual user permissions
  44. Using the page filters

    Tracking children's progress
  45. Snapshots - attainment by period
  46. Snapshots - when and what are the highest/lowest summative assessments
  47. Snapshots - when and what what were the earliest/latest summative assessments
  48. Snapshots - age band tracker
  49. Snapshots - statement screen
  50. How figures in the analysis section are calculated
  51. How to see how much progress an individual child is making
  52. How to see the attainment for an individual child
  53. Analysis Brief
  54. Analysis Full

    End of Year
  55. EYFSP Submission (control panel version)
  56. *new* EYFSP Submission (snapshot version)
  57. Deactivating or deleting children
  58. Deactivating a member of staff
  59. Deleting a member of staff
  60. Deactivating a relative
  61. Deleting a relative
  62. Downloading journals to PDF
  63. Exporting media from observations
  64. Transferring a child to a new Tapestry package
  65. How to renew your account/pay an invoice
  66. Your Invoice Explained

  67. Restarting the App
  68. Changing your password and PIN 
  69. Extending your login time on Android devices
  70. Extending your login time on Apple devices

    Tutorials for Parents
  71. Introductory walk through of the browser version
  72. Guide for using the iOS app 
  73. Guide for using the Android app
  74. How to change your email address/password
  75. How to set notification preferences
  76. Why photos aren't showing up
  77. Deleting an observation or comment
  78. Viewing and commenting on a report
  79. Downloading your child's journal as a PDF

    Tapestry Troubleshooting and Tips
  80. Accessing multiple tapestry accounts using the app
  81. How to upload large videos
  82. Unlocking locked accounts
  83. How to merge two profiles (if a child has been added twice) 
  84. Reactivating an inactive/deleted child
  85. What to do if the videos you are taking through Tapestry aren't recording sound
  86. Why you might be getting logged out repeatedly
  87. Tapestry password setting advice
  88. How to add an alternative FSF contact
  89. Can't add relative as it says "This email address is already in use"
  90. Not receiving email notifications
  91. Troubleshooting for relative logging in issues
  92. Staff member can't login to Tapestry
  93. Transfer notifications explanations



If you can't find the answer to your query here, you can contact our customer support team by emailing ofni.sfye@troppus.yrtsepat

Best wishes,


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