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Inspected yesterday- happy to answer any questions


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Got the call early on Wednesday morning and Inspector arrived yesterday just before 9 am, Frantic, very busy experience, but I have to give credit where credit is due, she was lovely. The inspector did have an EYFS background- she seemed to have eyes in the back of her head and noticed everything,


We had waited 6 years, and 5 months for the inspection, had been on tenterhooks for the last 3 1/2 years, but now can finally relax.


For those of you who are morning only, please note we got our call at 9.10 am (notification) and then the actual inspector rang to speak to me at about 10.30, just to go through some basic matters.


Our actual inspection only lasted until 12.40, with feedback given immediately afterwards (about 20 mins).


If any one has any questions about the inspection, please feel free to ask.

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I am happy for you.


I know exactly how you must be feeling as we were 6 years 5 months too until before half term!


I hadn't realised how much of a heavy daily strain/presence the anticipated call had placed on me (or I'd placed on myself maybe) until it had happened.


I hope you are happy with your outcome.☺

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Just wanted to say well done and what a massive relief that must be after all those years. Did 'they' say why it had been so long? I hope you got the outcome you wanted.

No reason given, indeed the inspector said she could not work out why she was inspecting settings with their last inspection date in 2012 or 2013, and then others like us who went right back to 2009.

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Well done!


Can I ask what the Inspector asked for in the initial phone call?

And what she asked about Prevent?

In initial phone call she wanted to know

1. Whether we had any unusual events or trips planned for the day

2. would I be in ration or supernummary on the day

3. name of senco

4. name of designated safeguarding officer

5. parking arrangements

6, hours of operation and when best to turn up

7.asked me to confirm I had received an email outlining the documents I would have to make available to her- these were

· current staff list and staff qualifications, including paediatric first aid

· a register/list showing the date of birth of all children on roll and routine staffing arrangements

· list of children present at the setting during the inspection (if not shown on the register)

· any information about pre-planned interruptions to normal routines during the inspection, such as off-site visits

· the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) records and any other documents summarising the checks on, and the vetting and employment arrangements of, all staff working at the setting

· all logs that record accidents, exclusions, children taken off roll and incidents of poor behaviour

· all logs of incidents of discrimination including racist incidents

· complaint log and/or evidence of any complaints and resolutions

· safeguarding and child protection policies

· risk assessment, fire safety, and other policies relating to health and safety

· a list of any referrals made to the designated person for safeguarding, with brief details of the resolutions

· a list of all children who are an open case to social care/children’s services and for whom there is a multi-agency plan

· information about the supervision of staff (in group provision)

· information about training and/or career professional development of staff

· any reports of external evaluation of the setting



In answer to your query on Prevent, I think I actually brought this up when she asked me about any recent training I had undertaken, She did however ask the safeguarding officer what she would do if a child did not turn up for school for a day, and when heard we would call the parent and ask for the reason of absence she then asked what we would do if we could not get hold of the parent, especially say if we couldn't get hold of them for a week or more- clearly she was looking for us to recognise that this is a safeguarding/ and or prevent duty issue.

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I would like to get some clarity about what is defined as poor behaviour worth recording as an incident in an early years setting.

so would I ! I just showed inspector some sample recordings of bites or injuries caused by children (obviously the record of the injured party is in our accident/injury book, but we record the other side, i.e the actions of the child that caused the injury in the incident log. She seemed happy with that.

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Indeed Rafa, I actually asked the inspector what exactly that meant.. ie excluded from nursery (as if!) or excluded due to ill health...she didn't know!!!!!!!!, but said she would be horrified to hear of a child excluded from nursery ( in the way we understand that term as applied to say schools)

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Really pleased it went well for you. Thank you for the above list, i'm currently awaiting my inspection so it is really useful. TBH i have never recorded things such as biting apart from the usual accident form. I thought that this was recording incidents. We have only ever had one child who's behaviour was causing a real problem and we had records to show what the behaviour was and what was put in place but he left for school over a year ago and we were told to send all documents with him to the school, so we don't have any other proof, now i'm wondering if maybe we should have taken copies? Maybe it's just me, but i feel that it gets more and more confusing all the time as to what we should do, we are told to do one thing by the LA and then an inspector says something else!

What sort of behaviour does everyone else record?

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