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  1. Hi, Yes is not a full level 3 qual just one module
  2. Hi, Safeguarding, prevent & British values, parents engagement in children's learning and Transitional information with other settings in our area.
  3. I was sitting just to the left of you then
  4. I heard Gill Jones talking about this report yesterday at early Excellence - the audience have asked her to clarify the 'wrong language used' in the report - she started off by saying the officers for the 8 regions will liaise with LAs to get the message 'out there' - in the end has said she will think about writing a statement to clarify some of the messages ..... Watch this space..........don't hold your breath
  5. Thanks Rebecca - but want the scoring sheets - I can photocopy them from the book but they look so untidy (with the ITERS & ECERS we sent electronic copies) which looked a lot better.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of the scoring sheets for SSTEW please? Ali
  7. Forum Update

    looking good
  8. Claiming payment for '30 hours'

    Our CMs need to fill out funding forms and can then claim through an online portal.
  9. Help and support needed please!

    When a new round of inspections start (which it did last Sept) you could have an inspection at the end of the last round and one beginning of this new round - everyone just goes back into the pot! Hope your toothache gets better ali
  10. Hi, Anyone got a good cheap book about transitioning to school?
  11. Early Years Capital Fund Grants...

    That's why we are hoping money will be through this week as a pre school has to close in July and need them up and running again for September.