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  1. Telling lies

    Apparently telling lies at this age is linked to higher IQ later and actually better social skills in adolescence. I can't put my hand to where I've read this but definitely more than one source.
  2. At a recent Learn Explore Debate event, we had opportunity to look at how early years is shaping in the near future. Much of the plas are in this document, known as the Social mobility Action Plan which has a whole section on early years. Good news, from Sue Robb that the govt is absolutely comitted to keeping reception in the EYFS. Bold beginnings may have concerned us that it might be taken out. We got updates on the EYFSP, rewriting of the Early learning goals, the new baseline in reception, a focus on physical health, the munch n move conference, and opportunities to apply for funding to support language early literacy and numeracy, partnership working, SEND toolkit. It was a pretty packed but very good day. Anyway, most of it is in the unlocking talent publication which can be found https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/improving-social-mobility-through-education Did anyone else get to one of the events, there were several around the country.
  3. I've been away a little while, there seems to have been a few changes around here! I went to one of the Learn Explore Debate sessions last week, with Sue Robb, and she updated us on the latest 'chapter' in the SEED package, which looks at Early Years provision quality. It came out in December. It's a really interesting read comparing provision for 2 year olds and 3to4 year olds. They used ECERS, ITERS and SSTEW scales. If you haven't come across it yet, have a look. The two things that struck me most were they found a narrower age gap better than a wide one, the complete opposite from 'Teaching and Play in the early years, a balancing act', which suggested integrated provision across the age groups was better particularly for 2 year olds. But then the SEED report did not look at progress or outcomes, so perhaps it's like comparing apples with carrots. They found better quality in bigger settings. Hmm what's your view on that. I've yet to find in the report if there is an 'optimum size', whereby quality falls again if the setting gets too big. What do you all think. The report can be found https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-years-provision-quality
  4. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    Hi toni as Rebecca said, we often disagree here so don't feel that your differing view is in any way not allowed, sometimes a difference if opinion creates a really good debate and reflection. Anyway that aside, I just wanted to pick up on your point about managing both settings and you not being able to be in two places at once? So I'm wondering what happens day to day because you can't be in both settings at the same time? So when you are not there you must have a strong Co manager or deputy who you trust to manage in your absence. In this case OFSTED would expect that person to be able to hold the inspection because they are responsible on the days you are not there. I just wonder if this is something you might look at if you don't currently have that strong person in place in both nurseries. In my experience, when a really good manager opens a second or third setting and continues to be manager of all, then they can end up spreading themselves too thinly and can take their eye of the ball. It's hard enough managing one let alone two. And it's hard keeping all the balls in the air at the same time...twice. so as part of your reflections, looking at what was brought up by your inspection team, perhaps looking at your management teams and what skills they might need to develop for you all to move on from this point.
  5. Snack time

    Hi there Green Hippo. No one will shoot you down, what you are doing is reflecting on what you do, hearing the views and opinions of others and then making a decision that suits your children. I've seen very good snack times done cafe style and group style and equally some pretty terrible ones too. Both have their strengths and weaknesses in my humble. Sometimes you even do it one way one year but it just doesn't flow the next. The important thing is to support developing independence and use it as a social interaction opportunity, however you do it.
  6. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    Hi toni your LA will have a local code you will have signed that will tell you what happens when you get RI or I inspection, but they may not do anything until the outcome is published.. at this point your report has still to go through the QA process and is therfore not finalised. Broadly speaking funding is suspended so you won't receive funding straight away for next term and will not be able to take 2 yr funded children. The LA won't act on any funding though until the outcome comes through to them if you have an enforcement, you probably already know what it is and can act on it immediately. You will be given a date by which time you have to put it right. Other actions eg for learning and development you will need to unpick and get as much support as you can from your LA. I would strongly recommend you have a read of the ofsted compliance and enforcement handbook. Lots of help and experience here once you know exactly what you have to work on.
  7. Apple, you might have also seen the govt plans to remove the requirement for all teachers to be graduates, and the introduction of non graduate apprenticeships into teaching. https://schoolsweek.co.uk/greening-teaching-will-cease-to-be-only-for-university-graduates/
  8. Parents with disabilities.

    This may not be practical but does the school have a disabled parking space close to the main entrance. That way I'm sure a member of staff could be freed up for 5 minutes to collect both children and take them to class or their entrance. It isn't unreasonable and should be part of partnership with parents. We did this years ago for a dad who was terminally ill but wanted to bring his children every day. In fact thinking about it is there a breakfast club where they could arrive 5 minutes earlier than the school bell and then go off to classes with other children or staff?
  9. pupil premium record keeping

    Yes that's about it. You can use the money for pretty much anything as long as you can show how it has made a difference for the children concerned. Be creative especially if there is nothing really obvious that the child needs. Do you have a network in your area to share ideas with others?
  10. pupil premium record keeping

    Hi there. Have a look on the Early Education website, there are lots of helpful tips and proformas you can use or tweak. We recommend these rather than creating our own and a few settings have made little changes here and there but they do what they need to. https://www.early-education.org.uk/framing-your-thinking-spending-your-eypp-funding
  11. Outdoor equipment

    Waits patiently for narnia to give a recommendation. ..... Great news by the way.
  12. Are you taking in ironing?

    We have a couple of nurseries who do have a coffee machine in their entrance for parents on the go to purchase.
  13. Ratios again!

    Hi there. As you have 3, what are the chances that all three are out at the same time, in which case yes you would have to look at your ratios. But as long as you have one person with QTS, EYPP,or EYT, and they are working directly with the children, you can apply the 13 to 1 ratio if you wish.
  14. For club running in school holidays and after school, they have to be guided by but do not have to meet the learning and development requirements.
  15. Hi Frithmanor. It sounds to me like you need to have a reaaly good internal moderation system in place to avoid such wide variations in judgement. This would enable you to discuss and agree what looks typical for a child at eg 3 years.From there I would look at cross moderation between schools, and if posible with EY providers in your area or that feed your school.