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  1. excel accounts spreadsheets

    Thank you for your replies. I used to have a month on each page set out with fee's, fundraising, grants etc (for income) and household, snacks, activities, etc (for outgoings) and then the amounts all listed down the side. The pages were linked with a summary page at the end to form the accounts. I would be very grateful if anyone has anything. I can input but can't do the formulas.
  2. Hi All A cheeky request I know but has anyone got some excel spreadsheets set up for pre-school accounts that they could send me?
  3. Hi I visited a setting recently, that used a different online system (I know, apart from that it was all good) . The only feature I really liked was the ability for parents to order the complete journal at the end as a hard back book. It was a beautiful record of a child's time at pre-school / nursery. I think the manager said that parents ordered direct for about £20. My colleague did take a photo of a sample, I could ask her to pass it on . Could this be an option for Tapestry?
  4. educare

    Thank you, I was interested to know if it was just me that had missed it. It looks like it was! Never mind it looks like not too has been lost.
  5. Hi Has anyone accessed the new platform yet for Educare. I didn't notice any emails telling me that anything was changing and have now lost all my history. Has this happen to anyone else?
  6. Maternity leave and cover

    yes still pay in August.
  7. Maternity leave and cover

    Hi if the cover person works the year ending in July 2019 they would earn the same as ending August 2019. term time only 38 weeks plus 4 holiday.
  8. suncream

    Thanks Panders. Good point. If any skin showing needs sun cream. Long sleeves and hat with very large peek and flap at the back. I think its just the chemicals in the sun cream. I felt the same when my children were little but I used sun suits / hats and one of the only organic creams available then Green People. The alternative is getting burnt, which I can't obviously allow to happen.
  9. suncream

    Hi All This is only my second summer of having a sunny garden. Previous gardens we hardly muster a postage stamp of sunshine, so I don't have much experience of suncream. I have altered the register to confirm applied when children arrive and we apply after lunch for children staying. We had one parent not wanting to put suncream on her child though today. I've not had this before. Our garden is south facing with not much shade (especially now as leaves not grown on apple tree) I am reluctant to stay ok then stay inside as we are very much an outdoor setting. Any ideas. Policy says suncream applied on arrival.
  10. manager resigning from commitee

    Thank you. yes, contracts / code of conduct / job descriptions would help. Its just getting the time to do everything. I'm not sure we are making any process at the moment though as they seem to not being doing anything now they have been 'told off' even though the email from the chairperson was very positive.
  11. manager resigning from commitee

    It is a very strange way to work. As they are volunteers they can basically do what they like (or think they can). They don't read anything and then just make up their own minds with out considering EYFS, policies. The have no idea about confidentiality. In hindsight I don't think the majority realised that I was actually on the committee and probably thought I just attended meetings as supervisor.
  12. manager resigning from commitee

    Hi At the moment i am taking all the responsibility by being nominated person / named on the charity commission website but not being included in decisions. I thought if I resigned I could just get on with my job and not get involved with committee business. Not ideal but i can't work with them. I would still attend meetings but just as supervisor. (and claim overtime) After speaking to the chairperson I'm hoping things will improve. Although due to them contacting the council for advice without telling me they have triggered a full unannounced audit visit. Looking forward to that.
  13. Hi all i am the manager of a preschool / nominated person / on committee. I have asked to resign from my role on the committee as if i object to any of their decisions they leave me feeling excluded from the team. The chairperson has said that i can't resign as they need me to be nominated person. Does anyone have any experience of this. Can they make me continue in my voluntary role alongside my paid role?
  14. complaint log

    thank you.
  15. complaint log

    Hi All Has anyone got a complaint log they can forward me? Is this an official ofsted form, I thought it was but I can't remember.