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  1. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    Im not sure but there are lots listed on the qualification checker. Very confusing. My LEA have said someone might have a PGCE but not QTS!
  2. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    Rebecca did you find anything out about this? I am keen to know as I have two staff leaving soon. Our secondary school teacher is currently classed as unqualified. Thank you
  3. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    I would be very interested in this as we have a secondary teacher and we treat as unqualified.
  4. Kingston Pre-School The Street, Kingston, East Sussex, BN7 3NT http://www.kingstonpre-school.org.uk Early Years Practitioner £8.50 - £9.02 per hour depending on experience Hours per week: 24-29 a week. Kingston Pre-School is located in beautiful, rural surroundings in the heart of the South Downs National Park, yet only a five minute journey into the bustling market town of Lewes and just 15 minutes from the city of Brighton and Hove. The Pre-School is set right at the heart of the village community and provides a happy, safe and stimulating environment for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. It is run by qualified, passionate staff, with the support of a parent-led committee. The Pre-School is based in the local village hall, which benefits from free flow access to a lovely garden overlooking farms and The Downs. Staff have access to ample free parking. The Pre-School is currently looking to recruit a Level 3 or above qualified Early Years Practitioner to join our small and experienced team. We are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic practitioner who has a current working knowledge of the EYFS and a good understanding of child development. Applicants must also have excellent communication, organisation and interpersonal skills. Experience of working with children that have additional needs, an interest in leading practice for 2 year olds and an ability to use online journals is desirable. Responsibilities will include being a keyperson to a small group of children. The Pre-School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its children and we expect all our staff to share this commitment. The Pre-School is open from 9am-3pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 9am – 1pm on the other three days, term time only. We may increase afternoon sessions in the future to meet the requirements of our families. As part of the recruitment process, you will be required to have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and be on the update service. Although this can be arranged by the committee if necessary. Please email kingstonpreschoolcommittee@gmail.com for an application pack. Please note cvs are not accepted. Closing Date: Monday 4th December 2017 Interview Dates: Monday 11th December 2017 Required Qualification Level: Level 3 or above in early years.
  5. packed lunches

    Hi All At my current setting children are required to eat their packed lunches in strict order ie sandwiches / wraps first fruit crisps yoghurt treats ie cake They are not even allowed to eat crisps with sandwiches. I have always encouraged sandwiches first but not strictly enforced it. Are others this strict with packed lunches? Snack time is also fruit first and then cracker.
  6. Committee/manager help

    No this is the point at which they resign copying in everyone they can think off. Normally when it relates to staffing matters. I definitely can see from the other side that they are new volunteers, but as a Manager it really isn't helpful to have a new management team every year! You get used to working with people and then they move on. Some are better then others, some fail at the first hurdle, DBS / EY2. Definitely set your time scale for meetings, each term / each month depending on how much support is needed. At the moment I have set the second Tuesday of each term (working on 6 terms).
  7. Committee/manager help

    Your first post I read as you are having difficulties with your committee? What do you need them to do? I've worked for committee's for 10 years and the system doesn't work. You are trying to run a business and they don't do what's asked, make decisions. If things get difficult they walk away. If there are staff difficulties all hell breaks lose as they don't know how to deal. So many times I have asked council advice from people I talk to on a regular basis ie development officer and committee react like I have reported them to the police! Add a hall committee into the equation........................ I'm happy for you to pm me. I've come across most situations in my time.
  8. Written agreement for staff on committee

    Not sure this would be for normal staff as they would have a staff contract. I think this means if a committee member was going to offer services such as building work, maintenance, accountancy etc.
  9. Coping with change

    Hi All After working in an industry that has had so much change over the past decade, I can't believe that practitioners still find it a problem to reflect and move on. Do other Managers still find it a problem. I'm not talking about any major changes, just perhaps changing apple to oranges, a declutter and tidy, a flexible approach to planning, introducing Tapestry! Over the years I have tried the hard line, softly softly but nothing works. I have written essays on it and even the lecturers comments were 'some people can't accept change' Any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. Pre school constitution

    You don't need to re-sign each year. Make sure that the charity commission have it recorded as your latest consitution. and get committee members to read it...............................
  11. Coping with change

    Thanks for your replies. You are right making them think they thought of it is the answer but sometimes it is just so wearing. I thought our LEA advisor coming in would work but no they don't agree with any of her suggestions. I end up going round in circles. As we are parent community run tough love doesn't work as a parent group would never discipline staff and they know that.
  12. Time stamp on observations

    Hi I work as a small team now and don't always write up at the time. It would be useful to 'turn off' the time.
  13. Inset Day Credits

    When I had the proper software I used to credit the funding against the inset day / bank holiday leaving the payable hours on the invoice. When it was in black and white no one queried!
  14. AGM Question

    I'm not sure you can enforce it. Did you consult her on the date and time? In my old setting it was always an expectation that the staff attend but you can't make them. At my new setting none attend which I find unbelievable.
  15. Lunch Breaks

    Hi Could you be in the room when they return or the whole lunch time to monitor. Perhaps in reality they might not have left on time but others are so busy they didn't notice.
  16. That does make sense to me as I keep wondering with a CIO if I can't get parents to be a secretary or a treasurer, how am I going to get them to be a director. Would you be able to transfer the money / assets into the new CIC? We are PLA constitution at the moment.
  17. which bank account

    I've used HSBC, Barclays and Nat West for community accounts. HSBC ok except for signature changes. Nat West rubbish for everything. Barclays ok, you can change signatures online. Even if you are online banking you can still have two signatures on the paperwork. Just set a form to put with invoices for committee to sign. It makes accounting so much easier and I think more secure as all the transactions are listed. Although it might be a case of seeing which banks still offer community accounts!
  18. We are a term time only pack away setting open until 3 two days and 1pm 3 days. We have a child that attends all the hours that we are open and Mum has asked today about us heating his lunch. I have only been at this setting a term but previously at other settings I have always said no. Our numbers are quite low so we can't afford to upset anyway, so I said I would look into it. There is a microwave in the kitchen. Where do I find the info on safe heating of food though. Do other pack away settings offer this?
  19. Heating child's lunches

    I did suggest this especially as we have a coin meter for the power points!!!!
  20. Reference questions

    I just had an inspection in June and she didn't really read them, just commented that they didn't have an address on, I said there is an email address! The council accept emails! She was fine.
  21. Reference questions

    Hi The PLA letter includes details of employment dates suitability to carry out duties on job description any reason why unsuitable to work with children sickness in last 12 months candidates honesty any live disciplinary would you re-employ Hope this helps.
  22. Policies - Contents Page

    https://shop.pre-school.org.uk/downloads They send you a link when you purchase the book. Once registered on your PLA log in you can download template and will see the updates. You can only link the code to one log in so make sure its a setting log in if you want others to access.
  23. holiday pay

    Hi I've only started at my current setting after Easter this year. Its term time only. There are 3 staff plus me. They used to be paid weekly until November 2016 when they moved to monthly pay. The holiday pay being included in the monthy amount. The staff have now told me that they want their holiday pay reconciled to included all extra hours done over the year ie 1/2 shopping, hour staff meeting. Do other people do this? One lady has done 4 x 1/2 hour shopping over the year? How would I work it out based on 4 weeks holiday pay. Thank you
  24. holiday pay

    I know I couldn't believe it either. I just do the shopping, I wouldn't dream of charging for getting it. Thank you all, In my old setting we used to get an extra week to cover staff meetings etc but at my new one we can afford it. I wouldn't dream of asking them to attend courses, staff meetings unpaid. I'm not sure if they would argue that it was voluntary or not. Even though we haven't got the money,
  25. holiday pay

    We are term time only so traditional they have had 4 weeks holiday pay in August. Now they are salaried they want me to work out the holiday pay on all extra hours worked and pay them the extra at the end of August. I have always only paid holiday pay on regular hours. Of course when I suggested that I should deduct holiday pay for ad hoc days off that didn't happen!