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  1. Maternity leave and cover

    Thank you, it had helped and that's a good point re new children after summer!
  2. Maternity leave and cover

    Just to add...can anyone share the wording they use on a fixed term contract for someone covering maternity (start date, end date, notice period etc) all other terms remain the same. Thanks Really need to get a HR advisor on board.
  3. Me again! Our staff do like to keep us busy! Got a member of staff due a baby in September. I think it's likely she'll finish work end of July (term time only) and start leave after the summer break. We will need to have someone cover her leave. My question is this, when can you employ someone to cover maternity leave? Does the mother have to have already started her maternity leave? It would be handy to get someone in after May half term for example but would that be too soon? I'll give ACAS a ring tomorrow just for guidance. Honestly the week I've had I'm going to train for a career in HR...and I'm only a 'volunteer' Thanks All C x
  4. Wanting job back

    Oh no! Now I've caused a major payroll headache! This is such hard work!
  5. Wanting job back

    Mrsbat it is probably very helpful to have something in a policy, espically with high staff turnover. We have such a small team and it's a shame she couldn't speak to the Manager or Committee. We've had a chat and I've explained that she needs to talk to us if she's having problems as we're here to help. Fortunately recruitment never got that far, however if we had been interviewing I would have said they would need to apply like others.
  6. Wanting job back

    Thanks all. I've spoken to both ACAS and Lawcall. Same advice given.
  7. Wanting job back

    Thanks. Certainly got me thinking. As she have technically already left, would they enter their normal contractual terms. She has about 10 years service.
  8. Wanting job back

    Hi All Bit of a tricky one. Member of staff handed in their notice and asked to leave a week earlier than their notice period. We agreed as understood they were having a tough time, they said they had another job. They left last Friday, very quiet, didn't want a fuss. Fast forward five days later and they've called asking for their job back as they were struggling with a family bereavement and really loved their job. We did begin recruting but only have a few application forms. Thoughts? Staff has worked there many years, has had a few personal troubles. I was thinking a meeting with her and manager to discuss her reasons for resignation and if there's anything we can do. Also seeing if coming back is really the best option for all (I didn't want her to leave)
  9. Snow Plan

    Our manager mentioned this when I spoke to her. Not sure it's the case here as nearly all local primarys closed but we stayed open (although I know alot of parents including myself didn't bother going in)
  10. Snow Plan

    Our pre school has supposedly never closed for snow but schools do... I think I'll double check with Manager just incase. Most staff are walking distance. We're south east so expecting quite a bit
  11. Questionnaire

    Interested to know too. Our manager talked about sending out a questionnaire as parents never seem to talk to us but natter outside (being a parent too I hear both sides)
  12. Music licence

    We have just the music licence. I didn't deal with it but recall it being discussed in a meeting. It's simply for us to play CDs in the setting.
  13. Whistleblowing

    Is a stand alone whistleblowing policy required? We have (just) incorporated whistleblowing into our main safeguarding policy, so it's there but not on its own.... Thanks
  14. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    My goodness. This seems a complete minefield. Something to go on my to do list with manager!
  15. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    It's official now :-) We received a 'good' in all areas which is what I expected but also didn't want to assume. Everyone is happy, a few areas to work on. Have little to say on inspection itself as I was only asked to sit in at the end for the feedback. Manager covered everything (was slightly surprised and has lots of notes jotted down) Phew. I doubt I'll be around for the next one so glad I managed to get through this so can leave my successor a little more comfortable :-)