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  1. Hi All It happens all the time at this time of year. Parents ask when is sports day, leavers etc. Doesn't help it's all planned too last minute! It's quite difficult for the manager to arrange these dates as children's attending various days (some 5 some only 1). At present parents are given a slip with a date and time but this still doesn't stop the questions and 'double checking' because his best friend is on another day... My daughter's school send text messages to remind parents of events. I was thinking this may be useful to us too (no online programs as I'm working with a team not great with technology). Can anyone suggest a system they use to text parents (obviously we'll get their consent etc) It would be to send a generic message such as 'Sports Day is the week commencing 10th July. Your child will be given a slip with their date and time. Please speak to a member of staff if you are unsure or have lost your slip' I'll suggest to manager to get their thoughts Thanks C
  2. Thanks all. Not just us then. Not all parents are on Facebook. I'll look into group text or email (though the setting mobile is very basic).
  3. Minimum Wage Increase

    Hello all Our staff had their last pay review in September (all staff had a 2% increase). I've just been reading about the minimum wage increase from April. 3 of our 8 staff are under the new minimum wage rate of £7.83 (unqualified). Come April would we just incase these staff members in line with legislative changes and the others remain as they are? I just want to make sure everything is fair for all Thanks in advance C
  4. Minimum Wage Increase

  5. Minimum Wage Increase

    Thanks Mousketeer. It's really confusing and the fact I can't find anything on here or other forums makes me think it's not something anyone has come across as a concern... You can identify from our contracts the total annual hours worked (it doesn't state it but you could work it out as the weekly hours are on there and that they work term time with 5 weeks AL). Will do a little more research as always. Roll on September!
  6. Minimum Wage Increase

    Hi. Me again. Raising this thread up again as someone mentioned staff being on 'salaried' contracts. Our bookkeeper emailed today saying that she has read some information from HMRC about minimum wage and companies not realising they are not paying staff correctly. She thinks this may impact us and the way staff are paid (their pay is calculated based on term time hours and spread out so they are paid every four weeks) Currently: Contracts state an hourly rate and number of hours each week (ie £7.83per hour. 20 hours per week) It also states that they are employed term time only. Holiday entitlement is 5 weeks to be taken during school holidays. Amy thoughts here? I'm confused!. I've looked at the guidance on gov.co.uk and can't really get my head around it. Thanks All
  7. Outings (again)

    Thanks Louby. That is a good idea. C
  8. Outings (again)

    Evening All We do regular visits for the local woods with our children. We have a outing policy, risk assessment etc. We have a member of staff that doesn't want to go on outings. This is because there was a report on Facebook recently about two teenage girls being approached in the woods by some teenage boys. We obviously understand their concern and thank them for bringing this to our attention. We will update our risk assessment but the committee agree that although unpleasant this sort of event could happen at any time on any outing and probably wouldn't happen where a group of adults are present at 10-11am. We feel the outings are part of our ethos and something we wish to continue unless there are more reports of such incidents. Thoughts? We take two mobile phones, minimum 3 adults. The walk is 10 mins tops from the nursery. How would you deal with a member of staff refusing to go on an outing? The job description states staff should have a commitment to the outside environment within the setting and wider opportunity's. Thanks for listening C
  9. Outings (again)

    Thanks finleysmais The reports are simply Facebook posts on a local community group. Nothing released by police or media. Although obviously we are taking it into account. We could work around it and the member of staff stays at the setting (we never all go out together). Although is this fair on other staff? I think I'll have a word if they say again about not going and is there anything we can do that will make them feel more comfortable about outings otherwise I'll refer to job description and it's part of their role.
  10. educare

    We still haven't had the email from them with our new log in details....they won't send it to me as my email address isn't registered. The manager is adamant she hasn't had it. So frustrating as I only set all staff up during Easter hols.
  11. Our treasurer isn't paid. Our bookkeeper and administrator are but they aren't on the committee.
  12. GDPR resources

    Another post of thanks. Thank You :-) As a small committee led pre school and zero contact from our LA I don't know how we would have got our head around this without your help.
  13. We have a paid bookkeeper and administrator. Book keeper does all our acocutns and staff wages/HMRC/payroll. However our treasurer (volunteer) does the budgeting and authorises payments. Book keeper is outsourced and we pay a £15-17 a hour and does about 6 hours a month. Administrator is employed by us at around £8 a hour and does about 20 hours a month.
  14. Me again! Our staff do like to keep us busy! Got a member of staff due a baby in September. I think it's likely she'll finish work end of July (term time only) and start leave after the summer break. We will need to have someone cover her leave. My question is this, when can you employ someone to cover maternity leave? Does the mother have to have already started her maternity leave? It would be handy to get someone in after May half term for example but would that be too soon? I'll give ACAS a ring tomorrow just for guidance. Honestly the week I've had I'm going to train for a career in HR...and I'm only a 'volunteer' Thanks All C x
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    So far I have done: Excel data audit Drafted new enrollment form Drafted privacy notice and letter for parents Drafted privacy notice and letter for staff Passed this all to the manager to read/review and then I'll do a final version to send out before half term. If I left it to her I'd still be chasing in September! Still to do Get Manager to do GDPR Training Contact 3rd parties Update our main data protection and confidentiality policy and other policies that have GDPR reference. Any wonder I'm thinking enough is enough this year, even though DD has a year left!
  16. Maternity leave and cover

    Hi All...me again A fellow committee member suggested perhaps using an agency for the maternity cover. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advise. I have recruited permanent staff for our setting but never temporary and as chair (and a volunteer, working mum of two) I'm not sure I'll have tons of time over summer to recruit/interview etc. I know costs work out higher so maybe it's not the best option just wondering if you actually have to interview/provide a contract for agency staff? Or is it all done for you. Thanks
  17. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Thanks. I'll direct her to the educare website. The only regular data I have access to is staff. That would be their names and pay (to do their wages). I also keep the committee register with our details. Nothing to do with children/parents.
  18. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    The forms are locked away in the office so staff would not normally access unless the manager wasn't in (I think-will double check). Manager hasn't done any training yet. If it wasn't for me being on here we probably wouldn't have known. Our LA stopped providing support last December. Happy to direct her to suitable training if anyone has any suggestions/links. Thanks
  19. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Do all staff need training/briefing in GDPR or just those in management positions? For example it would be our manager that collects the information and speaks to parents about the contract, other staff would only access to contact parents in emergency situations.....I'm mainly talking about the enrollment form with the parent/child personal information.
  20. Maternity leave and cover

    They'd still get a pay in August though? As it's split across the year. Most our staff are parents and I suppose I'm being nice in wanting them to get a wage over the summer break. I have thought about it and IF the person on leave decided not to come back but didn't tell us until the summer holidays, we could lose both members of staff so think I'll end the cover in September.... Thanks
  21. Maternity leave and cover

    Thanks Rebecca. We haven't even got to drawing up a contract yet It will be a temporary contract, with a fixed end date. Staff are term time only but pay is spread over the year. I guess my question is do we end their contract on 24th July or 2nd September..... I think 2nd September would be fairer so they get a bit more pay and are employed for a whole year. Maybe I will check with our payroll lady C
  22. Maternity leave and cover

    Another question... Member of staff is starting their leave in September (so won't be returning after summer hols -term time setting) We are going to start the Maternity cover from 3rd September (new term, new children etc) but as for the end of their temporary contract should we put this at end of term (July 2019) or the day after member of staff returns 2nd September 2019. Would be fairer to let them get paid over the summer holidays wouldn't it?? Not planning on recruiting just yet but wanted to draft contacts etc before I get busy doing my own work. Thanks.
  23. suncream

    Parent hat on here. My daughter reacts to most suncreams (red puffy face and itchy arms). We don't know what or why and have found one that works but is £20 a bottle so I'm hesitant to send to nursery. On super hot days I send her in with long sleeves and leggings. Plus her sunhat. I do apply the cream before she goes but that's it (it is supposed to last all day). I think advising parents of other suitable clothing is a good idea and you should stick to your policy. Our nursery asks parents to apply it before them arrive but will also apply later in the day with consent and must be your own bottle. (Tbh I always send my children with long sleeves and leggings, I don't get parents that send them in pretty dresses or jeans which must be so uncomfortable when playing in the mud and digging for worms....what my daughter got up to today) x
  24. GDPR resources

    Question re enrollment form.... So I've re jigged the form and to be honest we haven't had to take away much to be compliant. Just wondering if any of you will be asking existing parents to complete a new form? I plan on sending them a letter explaining the changes and direct them to our privacy notice. I don't think they'd really be interested in completing a new form.
  25. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Cool. I'm not going to worry myself too much. One step at a time :-)