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  1. Hi All Just wondering if any of your settings has an indoor/no shoe policy for children. We are a pre school in a large hall and children have free access to the garden. The hall is half carpet and lino. A parent brought up the suggestion of indoor shoes/no shoes. Manager has said she'll think about it but I can see it being difficult to manage. The children have wellies for wet days but otherwise the wear their normal shoes in and out. Parents also come into the hall also for drop off and pick up so can't see them removing shoes either! I can see the benefit of indoor shoes as there must be all kinds of nasties on shoes plus some children come 3+ days 9-3. I thought it ask here and take some feedback to the manager. As a parent I send my daughter in Clark's shoes with a soft flexible sole and think these are fine for her feet however some parents do put the most awkward and I'd imagine uncomfortable shoes on their children. Look forward to your thoughts C x
  2. basic online safeguarding course??

    Pre school learning alliance have an online basic program. I did it (chair) mainly to see how it works before introducing to staff.
  3. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    This is what we did after our last AGM... 1-New members elected. 2-Chair updates trustee details to Charity Commission and Companies House (Ofsted check this during EY2 process) 3-New members apply for DBS and complete EY2 online (you can do the EY2 before the DBS comes back but aren't deemed suitable without the DBS). 4-Nominated Individual (myself) emailed Ofsted with new members and leavers etc. I then wait a month and check online to see if it's all up to date etc. I even had Ofsted chasing me at one point for EY2# (usually pretty slow) Our AGM was November and we are finally all up to date :-)
  4. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Hi We have had the call. Ofsted called me (chair) as couldn't get though to the setting, I said we do not have someone monitoring phones and maybe best to try at 2.45... they understood and said they would keep trying the manager. Fast forward as I collect my daughter I asked the manager did she get the call. She had no idea! The phone is in the kitchen and i guess difficult to hear. She did speak to the inspector eventually. Typical timing...we have just had a skip delivered (on the road outside) and had a good sort out recentlty. Staff member down tomorrow too. As the chair/nominate person and relatively un-experienced I am feeling very nervous.... I told the manager to give me a call if she needed anything or a hand. It's 8.30pm and not heard anything! Wish us luck. We have had good for last 10 years and hope to get maintain our current grade (it's been a difficult year too with staff leaving etc) C X
  5. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Report back soon X
  6. Sharing your premises

    Question please for those of you that share/hire out your premises. We occasionally hire out our hall on weekends for children's parties etc. Users have access to main hall, kitchen and toilets (Office is locked so no paperwork available) We have a checklist for hirers to sign to say they must not take toys outside, take their own rubbish, hoover and mop floors etc However recently we found some glass under a unit that obviously hasn't been noticed. Our staff do not recall a breakage so we assume it was during a hall hire...it is often easy to miss things like this when cleaning up. Netherthless it got us thinking. Just wondering how you deal with others using your area and equipment. We are putting together a inventory of kitchen items and including on our agreement about reporting any damages etc. I'd say it is hired maybe once-twice a month. Usually to parents or ex parents for toddler parties. Thanks
  7. Sharing your premises

    Thanks for replies. It's not the cost that is the issue but safety aspects of a broken glass. I think we just need to do a more through check every time it is hired out and ensure they report any breakages etc. Thanks
  8. Minimum Wage Increase

    Hello all Our staff had their last pay review in September (all staff had a 2% increase). I've just been reading about the minimum wage increase from April. 3 of our 8 staff are under the new minimum wage rate of £7.83 (unqualified). Come April would we just incase these staff members in line with legislative changes and the others remain as they are? I just want to make sure everything is fair for all Thanks in advance C
  9. Minimum Wage Increase

    I just read our contact of employment and it states pay is reviewed annually or as per statutory requirements. I do agree that we should change to review in April from 2019 so will raise this with Committee.
  10. Minimum Wage Increase

    That's a good idea. Maybe we should have done that so it ties in with any April legislative changes (joy of being a committee and not really knowing these things)
  11. Minimum Wage Increase

    The last pay review (for all staff) of 2% was in September and wouldn't generally be reviewed again until next September. We thought this may actually cover any minimum wage increase in April (I'm all for increasing the minimum wage and would love to pay staff more) Th staff in question are above the current min wage but will fall just under the new rate in April. I think we'll probably just increase them as per the legislation. Thanks
  12. Committee Responsibilities

    I am the chair and I worked along side the manager to work out the role/hours/job description. I placed the ad on behalf of the pre-school, received the applications etc. I then went through with the manager and shortlisted for interview. We had a panel interview, myself, manager and another committee member. I drafted the questions again with the managers help. I think responsibility for recruitment lies with the committee but it's not a task they can do alone.
  13. Outings

    Hello Can you share your ratios for outings please. I am talking local regular outings to the woods, shop, library etc places the children are familiar with. Current policy states minimum three adults but I am reviewing the policy after speaking to our adviser. Wondering if we should specify a ratio of 1:4? Children that normally participate are 3-4 year olds. Our two year olds do not go on outings. Thanks
  14. Outings

    Me again! Can you let me know what you use on outings to show that children belong to your setting (based on the awful chance one went missing/got separated) It was suggested we try silicone wristbands however we tried a sample on one of our tiny wrists and it was too loose. Just wondering what others use that work well on little ones. Our visits are usually to the woods and sometimes shop, cafe etc. High Viz vests? Badges? Stickers?
  15. Updating Policies

    Thanks. It appears we have done our part (adopt the policy, sign etc) but the manager needs to inform staff.
  16. Hi All A very quick question regarding policies. When you make amendments to policies do you have a staff meeting to adopt the changes or so hand updated copies to staff and ask them to read and then sign to say they have done so. We are planning to review a policy a month. Thanks
  17. Copyright Law

    Can't help with videos/DVDs but we were made aware of a licence relating to playing music....which we do mainly at christmas. (We have the licence)
  18. AGM Question

    Sorry me again. Are your staff required to attend the AGM. It states in our staff contracts they they must attend. We have a new member of staff with young children and she has said she would struggle to make the meeting as it's often late evening and she doesn't have childcare. Obviously her contract states she must attend along with the others. I don't want to rock the boat with any of the staff so thinking of saying to them all your are invited and encouraged to attend and maybe change the wording in their contract. I think it's useful for staff to attend but not sure they should me made to attend. Thoughts?
  19. Committee/manager help

    Coming from the opposite side, I am a committee chair and the problem we have have is the manager. They refuse to delegate to the committee, take on too much and then nothing gets done. I appreciate however this must be difficult as Commitee's change and some are more involved than others. What I have done, that is slowly starting to work, is have regular meetings just myself and the manager so everything isn't left for Commiteee meetings. We also allocated certain areas to individual members such as maintenance, hall hire, staff, administration, events. So work is so shared amongst the commitee. Commitee's do not know what is expected of them, such a huge responsibility and they're doing it without any training and for free. We have a hand book with job descriptions listing the responsibilities, this could be a good idea. Also, does your chair have appraisals or supervisions with you as manager? This could be the opportunity to highlight the issues you're facing. I feel for both sides in this situation, good luck.
  20. governing document help

    I haven't got much experience we use a old constituton but I would perhaps speak to the PLA. They have been helpful for us with commitee query.
  21. Coping with change

    Some very good points here that I'll pass onto our Manager, Thanks. We have just had a new deputy start who has already acknowledged staff/team do not take change very well and thus far are not very welcoming. As chair she has vented to me but I have left it for her and the manager to work on, they are now the duo and need to support each ogher.. Some staff are so set in their ways, do not like change or new faces!
  22. AGM Question

    Yes they are paid. I just read the contract and it states Staff are required to attend; Annual General Meeting (AGM), staff meetings and staff inset days. For any work outside of your normal working hours you will receive pay at your normal rate. So I am thinking if they don't 'need' to be there (staff cannot join our commitee) then it should not be a requirement of their employment but at the same time should be encouraged so we look more of a team. I'll raise it at our next meeting if it's going to cause any issue. Thanks all
  23. Hello All As we all know there is so much responsibility on the Management Committee that it puts parents off. I am wondering if anyone has a less formal sub commitee. So parents can get invovled with maintenance, fundraising etc but are not actually the company named directors/trustees etc. They could still attend some meetings but not have a vote or make final decisions. We currently have a committee of 7 all registered as directors etc. We are losing 2 members so will be at our minimum of 5 come the AGM. Out of those 5, 3 of us do most of the official work. Parents are not always keen on being a named director of the company or having a personal credit check via the bank! Any thoughts on a way round this? Most are happy to help in some way but not actually be on the Management Commitee.
  24. Committee and sub committee?

    We are a charity and limited by guarantee company(so members are protected) When I took over as chair I realised that all Commitee have to be registered as trustees with charity commission and directors with companies house (it was only the officers before this) Now the bank also want ALL directors/trustees to be fully registered with them too, although only the officers have authority on the bank account. Our commitee are all staying another year thankfully and have been willing to do all this, but I worry future members may not. So my idea was to run a sub commitee for those wanting to just help out here and there. Thanks for responses. Sometimes it helps me to just write down my thoughts and see what others think. You're all helpful as always :-)
  25. Committee and sub committee?

    Thanks blondie. I think something like this could work but then at the same time I fear myself and the treasurer will continue to do all the work. Had a bit of an issue with our bank threatening to close our account insisting all our directors complete a form and have a credit check and some of the commitee were not keen.