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  1. Holiday Lunches

    Thanks for your reply blondie. Our nearest nursery (8 miles away) has a cook. I think it would be difficult for someone to come and cook as our kitchen is so tiny. and the issue of oven space for 30 ish meals arises. Also it would be only during school holidays.
  2. We are a full daycare nursery, open all year. During term time, we have a hot lunch provided by the local primary school which we collect each day by car and bring back to nursery in insulated boxes. We serve around 30 lunches a day. During school holidays, we have been having frozen meals delivered which we heat and serve. The problem is, since the introduction of 30 hours and stretched funding, we are pretty much full every day so need the same number of lunches as during term time. But we only have a normal domestic sized oven and we now don't have the oven space to heat the meals! Our kitchen is tiny too. In the past, children brought a packed lunch and I cooked a meal at tea time, but our tea numbers are now around 15 - 20 per day and this is a lot of work - especially five days a week for six weeks! Oven space comes into this as well. Does anyone have any suggestions about what we could do? I have emailed all the local care homes in the hope that someone would cook for us during school holidays but had no replies. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Dens!

    Does anyone know where I can get some of the 'hyper gas'? Really needed as I make very last minute preparations for tonight's staff meeting!
  4. Sleep room

    Our sleep room is adjacent to the baby room, with a door from the baby room and a door from the hallway. We do 10 minute checks, signed off, or more often if there is a need. We have no cameras and we don't have a staff member in the room all the time. We have a monitor for sound which we use if for some reason there is nobody in the baby room e.g. if children are outside, or having tea in the Pre-school room etc.
  5. Changing name of the setting (rebranding)

    I'd be surprised if you had to re-register, but the only way to find out for sure is to contact Ofsted and ask them. We had to re-register when we moved, but obviously that was a different building. We didn't have to close though, just went from one registration to the next with no break. Let us know what happens.
  6. Alistair Bryce Clegg?
  7. Keep Early Years Unique

    I''ve signed too.
  8. That sounds like a really positive way of doing things Rafa! We stopped writing reports completely as our local schools baseline all children at 30 - 50 months too. I was upset by this when I was told, as it feels like it disregards all the hard work we put in and ignores all individual achievement. So I'm afraid I adopted a "why bother?" attitude last year. Time for a rethink!
  9. next steps tree

    It looks lovely, but I would be a bit uneasy about making one if it is on show to other parents. I definitely wouldn't use names but we find using initials on things can be quite confusing and we often have children with the same initials.
  10. COSHH data sheets

    Do you mean to say, Rebecca, on this sunny Bank Holiday that I am spending in the office, there might be a folder that we DON'T need? Surely it can't be possible!
  11. When you say you used EYPP money, did you have a yoga teacher, or invest in training? How did you spend the money? I think yoga would be great for some of our children.
  12. Reuseable wet wipes

    You can already get biodegradable wipes, although they're quite expensive. I don't think the ban is proposed for several years yet, so I'm sure there will be hot competition and the price will come down.
  13. Hi Smudge65 Forgive my ignorance but I'm not sure what this is? Another policy? More training? Only just getting my head round GDPR!
  14. Ofsted tick list

    Hi You need the inspection handbook. It has all the 'grade descriptors' that inspectors use to make their judgements.
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    What does GDPR training involve? Is it necessary? Our LA have said they are not offering training or information on GDPR.