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  1. Retention of records/archiving

    Same, we're not allowed to phone our LA any more!
  2. I hope you find a way to manage this situation oldbear. I'm sure a lot of us know what it's like to work with a child who shows such challenging behaviour. Let us know how you get on.
  3. Funding weeks

    I think in our LA you can open for fewer than 38 weeks but can only claim funding or the weeks you are open. I think on our paperwork it gives you the option to say how many weeks you are claiming for in any one term. I'm not absolutely sure though, as we are open 51 weeks a year so I don't take any notice of it! We are definitely not allowed any PD days, training days etc.
  4. Wow, a holiday club project I think! Thanks Inge.
  5. Help with setting up.

    If you're looking for inspiration on setting up a room, you could look at the Community Playthings website as they have lots of photos.
  6. Ordering consumables

    The Consortium
  7. An average sort of day

    Keep your chin up Emma...it's Friday!
  8. What is your title?

    I am the manager. I have a deputy manager, then room leaders, then practitioners (official job title is Early Years Practitioner), then assistants for unqualified staff(e.y. assistants).
  9. admissions question! HELP!

    Maybe, when they were children, these parents were never told "No" !
  10. admissions question! HELP!

    Without sounding flippant, I suppose it isn't any different to someone being barred from a pub or refused a place on a plane because of unreasonable behaviour.
  11. admissions question! HELP!

    Be careful though Finleysmaid, in case he knows other people and you subsequently give 'his' place to someone else! Could you be honest with him and say you don't think you are the right place for his child, given past experience? Or would that open a can of worms too?
  12. Extreme Weather Policy

    I agree with Sunnyday (I usually do! ). I would just let them into the lobby/cloakroom. If parents really aren't behaving themselves I would deal with it in the same way as I would if they did in the children's rooms. I
  13. Snow days- refunds

    We offer refunds (on non-funded hours) if we are closed but definitely not if we're open and parents choose not to bring children. We can't offer alternative sessions as we are full to bursting so no availability.
  14. Snow Plan

    Hey Sunnyday, I'm not playing hooky. How dare you suggest such a thing! I'm in the office having called all the parents, done the February wages and am about to start on March invoices. Oh and faffing around on the forum and looking at chocolate cake recipes on BBC Good Food
  15. Snow Plan

    We have finally admitted defeat and closed. We haven't had any snow here in Suffolk since yesterday afternoon but the wind has blown snow back onto the roads and it's minus 4 out there! I am in the office having made all the phone calls. One dad asked the reason we were closing ..