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  1. baskets/tubs for toys

    I love wicker baskets but they don't really last and always end up unravelling or breaking around the rim. Have you tried the plastic baskets that look a bit like woven wicker? I think they're made by Curver and come in muted colours. They're not as nice as the real thing but definitely sturdier! The other thing we use is those big rubber tubs with handles that you find in garden centres. They're good for large construction toys and can be used indoors or outside.
  2. Music licence

    Yep, I resisted this one for ages, but it caught up with me in the end and we pay for a combined PPL/PRS licence to play any music in the setting.
  3. Whistleblowing

    Thanks Sunnyday, I think it got lost at the top of the thread!
  4. Starting a Nursery

    The flyer gives you quite a lot of info. Could you not just go to one of the viewing sessions on the flyer? A repairing and insuring lease means you as the tenant are responsible for buildings insurance and the repair of the building.
  5. Time off work

    How do you work out the average attendance Rebecca?
  6. Whistleblowing

    You do need a Whistleblowing Policy. Here is ours... Whistleblowing Policy anon.docx
  7. SENDcO

    I have a SENDCo and as manager, I am the deputy SENDCo. The term SENDCo is correct but I think most people just pronounce it the same as SENCo!
  8. Ofsted Box

    For our last two inspections, when the inspector has called the day before, she has given me a list of paperwork she will want to see the next day. So I have just assembled everything on the list and handed it over. I no longer keep things "just in case Ofsted want to see it". The prior warning was really helpful as it prevented me running round like a headless chicken during the inspection, trying to remember which file I'd put things in!
  9. apprentices

    Yes they can, providing you are confident in their abilities, just as unqualified staff can be counted. When we have had apprentices, I have not counted them in ratio for the first couple of months, but have done after this. It would very much depend on the individual though and what you are asking of them.
  10. Glitter Ban

    i'll be along with use-up-Christmas-chocolate cake (oops, I said it again!). Tesco's had creme eggs, mini eggs and Lindt bunnies on display when I popped in the day after Boxing Day! I think they need to start living in the moment too!
  11. Risk assessment for Grommets

    Was your advisor looking for something for you to do? Sounds a bit like a tick box exercise to me!
  12. Glitter Ban

    Well while we're (not) on the subject...just before Christmas (the nice C word) a TWO YEAR OLD at my nursery used the other C word, to her key person, in context! Just when I thought I couldn't be shocked by anything children do any more!
  13. Outings

    We have hi-viz vests with the name of the nursery printed on them. They were very kindly donated by our local Lions group (charity fundraisers) even though we're not a charity. They have done this for a local pre-school too.
  14. I wish we were being paid the £4.27 an hour that is always quoted as the average. £3.85 for us. If only the government had 'sold' this to parents as subsidised childcare, not free. We would all be happy. Parents would still get a massive discount, and we would be able to charge the difference between what the LA pay us, and what it costs to provide the places.
  15. Additional Hours

    Thank you Finleysmaid, I have emailed our MP...received another automated reply but we will wait and see what happens.