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  1. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    I don't know much about these items but my instinct is to ask if they have any kind of camera or recording ability, ( I don't think fitbits do but not got a clue about Iwatch). If they do then it would be the same rule as for mobile phones. What sort of capability do they have for connecting to the internet? is it just to link their steps or can they actually search online? If this is the case then i would treat them under same rules as using the internet on any other device in the setting, no personal use etc
  2. baskets/tubs for toys

    Thank you everyone, i'll get searching!
  3. Online sef

    Yes, As from 1st April the form will be no more! Ofsted have reviewed it and decided that it is not necessary. Managers can still evaluate their practice and should be able to explain this to an inspector.
  4. Our children seem to wreck whatever basket/tub we use to put toys/resources in. I've tried a few different ones but nothing seems sturdy enough. Has anyone come across something that is cheap but lasts well?
  5. 2 years funded child

    We were still able to take funded 2 yr olds when we hadn't had our first inspection. It may depend on your LA though so worth checking with them.
  6. What would you do?

    I may have to start something like that, our LA wouldn't like us doing an admin fee but maybe could get away with a deposit which gets refunded when they start. I'll have to look into it.
  7. Scam

    Thanks for the warning
  8. What would you do?

    Im sure you're right Zigzag, Just seem to be getting screwed over left, right and centre!
  9. Last week, i had someone view the nursery and fill out registration forms to place their two children with us, starting from next week. I have now just had an email from them saying they will not be bringing their children to us after all as they have found a place at the local school. The registration forms make it very clear that we need four weeks notice. Would you still claim the funding for this four weeks or let it go? Part of me says let it go but part of me says no! we have spent time on paperwork already and have sent the claim forms in to the council as well as organising our registers and who is going to be key person etc. I'm annoyed as i feel that the school is trying to poach children, they didn't have any space until the children were going to start with us and then suddenly they do have space! I know i'm writing this while i'm still feeling miffed and may feel different after i've slept on it but am i wrong to insist on notice?
  10. Lunch Breaks

    I had the same problem, including staff arriving late to start their shift, often only by 1 minute but often by more. It seemed a bit petty at first to whinge about 5 mins here and there but i mentioned it at staff meetings repeatedly and it would improve for a while and then revert back. In the end i bought a clocking in machine and wrote a policy, getting them all to sign it, stating that their pay would be docked each time they were late, i round it to the next 15 minutes, so if they are 1-15 mins late they get 15 mins docked and so on. Lateness has happened a couple of times but i have seen a vast improvement. I know it seems very strict but it was affecting morale and a couple of times i was unable to open the door and let children inside in the morning at the correct time as staff were slightly late which puts a bad image on the setting. The machine has been worth every penny.
  11. Stretching the 30 hours funding in a day nursery

    We open 8-6 and i've decided to offer 25 hours a week for 45 weeks, so we will have 2 weeks off at christmas, 2 weeks at easter and 3 weeks in the summer, we are open 51 weeks and quite often have children doing term time only so this will help keep us busier in some of the holidays and it's easier to manage the sessions as ours are 8-1 and 1-6. This means 5 mornings or 5 afternoons for each child.
  12. Please help

    thank you so much everyone, this has been really helpful x
  13. Please help

    thank you
  14. Please help

    Thank you, much appreciated ::1a
  15. Glove up for sun cream?

    we only use gloves if needed and are careful about washing hands if child is sensitive or has an allergy etc. We have a policy of no suncream-no outside play, we used to have our own suncream to use but we were getting taken advantage of and it was too expensive, parents usually bring cream when they are told they can't play out. we have lots of spare hats so that's not a problem.